Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Fitch: February 27, 2012

SO this was a pretty sweet week! Tuesday we went up to that ski station, Meribell, again to visit that english couple. This time one of their brothers was there so we got to visit with him as well. We had an awesome spiritual lesson, the guy made us a super delish something(he's a professional cook), and they showed us around again (meaning we took the ski lift again). The brother came up with us with his snowboard because he wanted to learn. He had never done it before. So we spent about 20 minutes on the bunny hill. Him going down and falling and us pushing him back up. It was super cool though because I was the only snowboarder there so I was trying to teach him. Unfortunately I couldn't show him, cause that would have been a lot easier. Oh well It was cool to be able to give him some pointers.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Still a little chilly, but sunny and nice. I wonder if hannah's new winter blast will make it's way over to me...we will see. For now I am enjoying it.
This week will be super sweet, we have lots of potential progression this week. Im stoked. Our amis Odile will be back in town and I think she will make leaps and bounds now. We have another amis named Catherine that is starting have thing click with her and we should be seeing some more this week as well. We also met a guy contacting in the park that is super cool. He is hungarian italian and is at this moment out of work and has no home. He used to work for some big company in Cananda but lost EVERYTHING, job, wife, house, kids, everything. Super bummer situation. He's been riding his bike around europe looking for work. He so far hasn't had any luck. He's a super cool guy that just want to work. He wont even beg, he prefers to look for a job. Anyway we met him, had a super cool conversation and gave him a hungarian Book of Mormon and invited him to church. He showed up and really liked it. There is a member that is hungarian so they got to talking and I asked around a little bit to see if any members knew of any workiing opportunities. There are a few possiblities so he might end up with something this week. Which is just in time because this week is his last couple days that the soup kitchen thing will give him food for free (10 limit, after it like a euro). So if he doesn't get anything he has to leave. So we'll see.
HEY guess what????? You guys remember the family Slepcik in montauban???? Well I talked to Elder Ormond this week and confirmed it today with our weekly letter from president, but the rest of that family was baptized on saturday!! 4!!! We baptized a FAMILY!! that is what i am talking about, SO cool!! AND I also found out that another amis of ours named Emma that we found while I was there will be baptized on the 10 of March. How cool! Oh Montauban.
Oh ya so I don't know if I told you guys but we missionaries teach english as a second language as a service. It is really hard to get people that actually come and have it actually be worth it. So up until Chambery we have either not done it our done it very unoften. But here the last month thanks to a friend of ours we have about 15 that come everyweek!! it is super cool. These are people that would NEVER stop and talk to us on the road, but here they are in the church. If nothing else they get a better idea of who we are. PLUS we've had several people start asking questions. super cool guys, super cool.
Well I love you all And I pray for you everyday and I hope you have a wonderful week!! LOVE YOU!!

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