Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sister Fitch: February 13, 2012

wow, I can't believe its a new transfer ALREADY!  That flew by.  I am staying put with Sister Limburg, and am happy for it.  This transfer was kind of tough, lots of physical and emotional strain on both our parts, but we've had some really good breakthroughs lately, so I have high hopes for this next transfer.  We've been teaching some really great people.  Dalhia, the girl who "just had some questions" ended up liking the answers we gave her, and even came to church.  She seemed to really enjoyed it, especially the hymns.  She's doing well, asking LOTS of questions still, which is great.  We're teaching another girl who is the friend of a member, and she came to institute with us. She seems to be liking it all as well.  Our investigator Karen, who is scheduled to be baptised on the 25th (may need to bump it back a week) went to Quebec City with the branch for the winter carnival.  Pauline went too.  So great!  We had zone conference this week, and that was pretty cool.  It was nice to hear from President Cannon, I learned a lot and gained some extra skills for teaching.  It's been pretty warm around here, hovering around 0 degrees or so, but this week it got cold again!  I started thinking Spring was on its way, but...that's still a ways off I think.  We had a pretty good week over all, felt good.  Seems like just as soon as I feel like I've finally got a handle on things, its time for the next round of lessons to learn.  So, feeling kind of overwhelmed, kind of tired, kind of worn out, but ready to learn.  I just have to remember to take it little by little, and not try to tackle everything all at once!  I keep forgetting to bring my flash drive so I can send more pictures...I'll try for next week!  I love you all so, so much.  
Last night I had a crazy dream.  I was in a lot of trouble and needed some help, but the person I was asking for help said she wouldn't because to her I wasn't a person, I didn't even have a real name.  Sister?  What's THAT?  I told her my name was Hannah, but my dad calls me Hannah B, my sisters call me Hanny, my nephews call me Hanala (I don't know if they really do, actually, but that's what I said in the dream) and I have a family that loves me and that I need to be with, so she better help me!  Well, she helped me.  And then I found a puppy...his name was JackJack.  Irrelevant.  My point is, it was amazing to feel how much strength I got just by telling someone about my family and how much I love them and how much they love me.  So, thanks :) It was just a dream, but its spot on in that you are definitely some of my strongest motivation.  You're great!  Lots of cool things are happening here, I'm so glad to stay another transfer here.  I think things will get interesting next transfer, but for now I'm just happy to work this area some more.  I love the people we're teaching.  They're great.  Lots of love,

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