Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sister Fitch: January 23, 2012

 It's been quite sunny here lately, therefore VERY cold!  Today it's not so bad--I think we hit 0!  This week was a little tough because I was feeling under the weather and so had very little energy.  It was good, though.  Last night we still had lots of finding to do, and so we went knocking.  We came out of the metro, and I saw a building down the road a bit and just started towards it.  There were lots of buildings before that one that looked easier to get into, and a little less nice (the hope is therefore full of more humble and open people) but I just felt like that was the one.  It wasn't some overwhelming feeling or anything, it wasn't major revelation or an undeniable pull, I just...knew.  So, we went and proceeded to meet an hour's worth of rejection, door after door after door, some polite, some not so much.  Only a couple doors shut in our faces before we could get a word in.  Then, we met Raluca.  It was hard to put my finger on just what was up with her and why she was listening to us, but then she told us her mother recently passed away.  It was such a joy to tell her about the plan of Salvation, to tell her she would see her mother again.  It was a short lesson, since she didn't have much time, but we're going back tomorrow night.  So, we'll see!  We also had a "Sisters' Conference" this week--basically a slumber party with a slew of trainings the next morning/afternoon.  I realized then that I like sleepovers, but there are certain people I like to have them with...there were 14 sisters there, and it was a bit overwhelming.  I haven't been around that many girls in so so long!  Felt kind of funny.  This week we have several lessons lined up and membres that can come with us, so we're hoping it'll be a good week. 
love you all.  SO MUCH.  You are the gas in my tank!  Be safe, stay warm (send warm vibes if you have any extra!) love you!

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