Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Fitch: February 20, 2012

Well the beginning of this week was cold, it snowed, and then turned into spring! Most of this week was absolutely beautiful! Still chilly, but nothing like the last couple of weeks. Since Elder Jensen came from serving in Nice my theory is that he brought the sun up with him, cause it has been NICE!! haha get it? He really did come from Nice (said like niece) though.
This week was definitely a walking week. We walked everyday, just about all day. We spent alot of time contacting on the road, hunting down addresses, and knocking(or ringing rather) doors. I LOVED it! I felt so good this week! I felt like I got A LOT done and am very satisfied with what we accomplished. YAY!  Despite the lack of RDVs we were able to plan, we ended up planning this whole week out already. At this point everyday is FULL to point we couldn't fix anything else if we wanted. Except for Saturday and Sunday. It is SWEET! that just makes you look forward to the week I tell you what. One cool thing we are doing tommarrow is we were asked to go back up to that ski resort to visit that couple again. Im stoked for that. This week is just going to fly by.
We were able to see Odile agian this week and had an awesome RDV where we were able to speak very openly about what she needs and what she wants to do. I'm super stoked, within the next couple weeks or so I think she is going to make leaps and bounds in her progress. So send your prayers for her. This week she is in Paris so we wont see her till next week.
Our family Cossongo we found were all sick this week and so were unable to see us this week. Plus they haven't been able to get moved down to Chambery yet like they and us had hoped. We might be able to go see them on saturday, so keep them in your prayers as well.
So other than that things are going well! Elder Jensen is pretty awesome, we get along really well. PLUS I am actually taller than him. My last two companions have been giants.
OH and today we got to go snow shoeing again up in the mountains. It was beautiful! with brand new snow everywhere. That did me lots  of good.
I lOVE YOU ALL and MISS YOOU!!!!! Have a good week!
Love Mark
Ps this is a photo from snowshoeing LAST time, with Elder Park. I just had to climb this dead tree....and jump off it. I couldn't help it. I landed in snow up to my knees, it was tight.
     The middle one is up at the ski resort last time....yeah Im on a ski lift. 

     snow shoeing agian the first time.  

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