Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Fitch: January 23, 2012

So This week was pretty good. We had some pretty cool things happen. We met the owner of a grocery store we were in and he started talking to us and asking us some questions about who we were and everything and we were able to talk to him a little bit there. Later that day we went back because we had forgotten something we needed and the same guy came up to us again and said that during his lunch he went and looked us up online to find out more. Usually thats not a great thing because often people just find antimormon  poop stuff that isn't anywhere near the truth. Fortunately he found pretty accurate stuff and was smart enough not to believe everything he finds on weird sites. At this point we were able to have a much more in depth conversation with him and answer a lot more questions he had. It was really cool and he said he would be interested in talking to us the only problem is that he is the owner of this store and so he works alot and plus there right about to do some renovations and the store so he not super available, but he said in about amonth he'll be more open. so we're hoping that goes well and we're going to try to stay in contact with him until then as well.
We also ate dinner with some members last night and one couple that came the wife is a member but the husband isn't. The husband loves the other members and he knows all about the church, the problem is is that he is a sniper in the army and doesn't really feel like he can become too religious. He's a great guy and very nice. What was good though was that we got along really well and fixed a RDV with him after his next trip. I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes!
We have a little bad news, our amis Odile dropped us. She is the one that had a baptisimal date too. She decided she is not really ready to make any changes in her life. Plus the member that was with us pretty much convinced her that she should take a break and not see us for a while. So that is a bummer, she is just too stuck in the traditions she has been living all her life. I'm sure she'll come around, if she continues to read the Book of Mormon like she said she would. The Book of Mormon is everything, the KEY!  Anyway so the other bummer with that is that we now don't have anyone that we are teaching anymore, that just means more time to find!
Hey so today was pretty cool. We had a member take us up into the mountains and we went snow shoeing! it was super awesome! Very beautiful! I loved it.
I love you all and pray for you! Ciao ciao! TTFN

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