Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sister Fitch: January 30, 2012

Love to you all :) 
This week went by fast; we had lots of appointments, it was really nice to have a full schedule!  Things of course fell through and moved around, as usual, but it really was a good week.  We had a lot of help from our members, which was also nice.  Usually its a little tough finding people who are available, but we were sure to ask long in advance so it worked out.  We even did some member splits, and I sent my trainee off into the big city alone with a member!  She did great.  We've had several people drop us lately, but just as well, we were about to drop them anyway.  For them, life is comfortable as is, why make changes that will be difficult to do if you can just keep doing what you are doing and be just fine??  I'm learning that it all comes down to the Book of Mormon.  If they don't read the Book of Mormon, they don't understand that it really does contain the fulness of the gospel, and that it really can help them with EVERYTHING they deal with in their lives.  They don't understand how much peace it brings, how much understanding it gives you, how much light it shines on all aspects of our lives.  I had to learn that lesson myself, and now I can't go a day without reading it because I NEED that help evey day.  But, can't really force them to read it, let alone to pray about it.  
Anyway, Raluca is SUPER awesome.  Sister Limburg taught her on our member split, and lets just say it was NO coincidence we knocked on her door.  She's been out of town for the weekend, so we are hoping to see her again soon.  We had a "lesson" with a Jehovah's Witness who is friends with a member of the church (met in a religion chat room...) and who met with us at his request, to get a better idea of who we are.  She is VERY devout in her religion, so it was a little bit of a different flavor than our typical lesson.  It was fine, it just showed me again how important having the FULLNESS of the gospel is--missing pieces lead to confusing and conflicting doctrine.  Anyway, it's very icy here.  Everything is covered in ice.  It rains then freezes, then snows, then rains, then the sun shines and melts the snow which freezes again to ice.  SLICK.  Anyway, life is good, training is HARD but good, I have my voice back so missionary work is a tad bit easier, I'm tired...always....but I am really feelings good.  I love being here.  It's starting to get to the point where I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed, I'm feeling plenty challenged, but it's really a lot of fun rather than loads of stress.  It's been interesting being around a brand new missionary; she's struggling with similar things I struggled with at the beginning and seeing myself in her, and seeing where I am now has shown me that I really am progressing and learning and growing, and I am grateful for that.  Day by day sometimes our growth is hard to measure.  Well, that's all for now.  I love you all, thank you for all your support, it keeps me going every single day!

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