Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sister Fitch: February 20, 2012

This week was one of those weird weeks where I felt busy, but I also felt like we didn't get anything done!  Things kept coming up that kept interrupting the work.  Things like Sister Limburg needing to get some blood work done, which ended up taking most of the day.  Sigh.  But, we did make some good progress with Dalhia, who is really soaking up the gospel.  There's still a ways to go, but she is understanding the importance of prayer, and is USING it, hooray, and is always asking us for things to read in the Book of Mormon.  She really wants help learning how to forgive.  She wants to have a better life, and it is so fun to see her countenance lighten up bit by bit.  She's finding hope, something she said she never really has had before.  Our investigator Karen, who is getting baptized at the beginning of March now, brought her boyfriend to church, which was really cool because she didn't think she'd be able to get him to come.  Hopefully he'll see that there are good people here trying to live good lives, and won't give her a hard time about coming anymore.  We had a movie night this week, for members to bring friends to, and we watched 17 Miracles.  Anyone seen it?  Its about the Willie handcart company.  Intense.  Sad.  Incredible.  It's amazing what trials people will endure and come out with unshaken faith.  Inspiring!  We live so far away from where it is productive for us to knock doors and such that we waste a lot of time travelling.  It makes it hard when we only have an hour or so left in the day, but travel time there and back will take at the very, very least 45 minutes of that hour.  Rrrr.  We're hoping President will move our apartment to somewhere a little closer.  It's hard.  I guess I just need to be more creative and think outside the box during planning and whatnot.  We'll work it out!  Things are going well with Sister Limburg and I; we're still different as ever from each other, but we're coming to a pretty good understanding and we're building a really good relationship.  Life's good :) Today we decided rather that running around trying to meet up with all of the other missionaries, we're going to take it easy today and go home and write some letters, take a nap, reboot a little.  I'm at that point with winter that even though its really not all that cold, its just UGLY.  Montreal is pretty filthy in the winter.  I'm tired of ugly! tired of dirty!  I want to be in the Alps!  :) I'll get over it, though, and spring will come soon.  I saw buds on the trees the other day.  They are tiny, just starting, but they're there!  Saturday was my 9 month mark...bizarre.  9 more to go!  Yikes, time flies.  Love you all lots.  and lots.

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