Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Fitch: January 30, 2012

What a week!
So its a good thing that I am serving in Chambéry....I was hardly even in Chambéry this week. I have never traveled so much in one week in my life! IT WAS INSANE! It made time fly though, I feel like I just emailed you guys yesterday.
This week I took 13 trains, 4 of them only lasting about 20 minutes a piece, the others all over an hour. I took 2 long distance bus rides each an hour long. I also spent about 2 and a half hours in a car. I saw a lot of super cool stuff though. tuesday we went and visited an english couple that is working at one of the nicest ski resorts in the Alps. The nicest being only 20 more minutes down the road at Courcheval. They are working there for the season and can't make it down for church on sunday so they asked if we could visit them. It was legit, I was litterally on the ski runs. They took us around a little bit, yes I did get to take a ski lift, and walked down a little cat track to an upper lodge. The snow was absolutley beautiful! and LOTS of it. I got my snow boarding fix so I'm good. Just watching people snowboard was good enough for me for right now. Wednesday we had an exchange and I went up to Annemasse and while I was there we had to go to a city called Gex and to get there we had to go through Geneva. On the way back the elder I was with got himself lost so I got to see a good bit of Geneva which is super cool. That was the first I've left france for almost 11 months. Thursday we had our districk meeting in Anncey and then went to Aix les Bains. Friday we went to Albertville where the 1992 winter olympics were held, cool huh? I had no idea. Unfortunatly the RDV we went there for did not end up working out. Saturday we went to Modane which is over closer to Italy. The family we went to see there is super awesome. The father works for the gendarme which is like the national guard and he id on a ski unit for that. So The week was full of travels. We were not able to have much success with amis, but I think this week will be alot better and we will see a lot more results.
Well That is it for this week. I love you all so much and I wish you a fabulous week!
Love Mark

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