Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elder Fitch: February 6, 2012

So when i got here It was a lot colder than Montauban, but still, not TOO bad. Winter finally struck in the great Alpalachians this week. We got a big fatty snow storm and then incredibly cold temperatures ALL the time. It does not warm up. It cold your face freezes and you can't talk normally and everything is dry and cracking. Man I feel bad for anyone serving in places like Canada....haha hannah. Seriously though, Hannah is tough. Go Han. The sun comes out sometimes but it strange to not feel any warmth coming from it. The wind takes it all away. Haha it's great, what an adventure. BUT if I come home with no fingers and toes I hope you'll still love me.
THis week was super great because we found a family! YEah! so two weeks ago when we went up to visit that english couple at the ski resort we were on this train right? and we were sitting across from this guy. After a sec I noticed this guy looking VERY intently and very creepily at my name tag. I knew, or thought I knew, what he was thinking. So I was getting ready for a comment or maybe something to say to him. Then he leans forward kind of slowly and whispers to me.."Can we talk about God?" and I said "what no, go away don't bother me." no Im kidding i said YES, Of Course!  People don't say things like that....ever. I was really suprised. Anyway so we had a great conversation with him until he invited a muslim guy to sit with us and it just turned into a we're all the same theres no specific church of God conversation between them. BUT he did say he wanted us to come to his house and meet his wife and family. COOL. So we went later that week. We couldn't find him. couldn't get a hold of him. Mince. that is a bummer. This week we tryed again and set a RDV with them and we went back out there. Found them. Taught them. and they want to be baptized. The lesson was super awesome and they were really into it. They were super receptive to the spirit it was great! Our only worry was getting them to church....BUT turns out they are moving to Chambery this week, WOW. I am super stoked to keep going with this awesome family, they have 3 kids by the way. Just super great.
Something like that just makes the whole week worth it and a great success. Specially when we walk around for hours with absolutely nothing to show for it. THe Lord is merciful and is always there. This is His work, not ours. Im super stoked to be apart of it.
I loove it! I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful week!
love Mark
ps in the photo notice the lovely green scarf that is keeping me from freezing because it is about negative 20 degrees Celsius because it was so well made nice and thick....Thanks Les
    and eating mac and cheese made by me.
    and elder Park contacting Yoda at the bus stop....he is super interested.

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