Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sister Fitch: January 16, 2012

Hello all!
Well, this week was a little tough!  It was really cold.  I think the lowest I saw was -28 celcius.  COLD!  And it was windy, too!  That was pretty brutal.  Fortunately we are inside usually, its just the ten or fifteen walks in between being inside that are tough.  This week a lot of things fell through, and we didn't find anyone new to teach, and some of the people we had the highest hopes for fell off the map.  But!  We did get to work with several new people who are awesome.  Herman, the man from Benin, is so great.  He came to church on Sunday (it was a miracle--his boss called him into work, then last minute let him go early) and loved it, the members were really good to him.  We met a guy named Ray who is pretty chill, really open, who was really struck by the story of the restoration.  Couldn't really speak for a few minutes after.  He's been really cool, very friendly and genuine.  And our investigator Karen now has a baptismal date for February.  She has a long way to go still, and (like Pauline) has lots of family opposition, but she said she really wants to do this, so we are praying for softened hearts on the part of her family.  We met lots of interesting characters on the metro, and more knocking.  Lots of rejection, but lots of fun, nonetheless.  Thanks for all of your support, I love reading what you are up to.  I'm doing well here--haven't had much of a voice the last couple weeks, thanks I'm sure to the temperature drop, but its all good.  We're still trying to get used to each other as a companionship.  We're pretty different in most ways, but we get along really well.  I have high hopes for the rest of the transfer!  This week was a little off, but looking back, it really wasn't so bad.  Ray, Herman, Karen, Pauline (who went to the temple for baptisms for her first time, and loved it!) and lots of other people warm everything up, no matter the actual temperature outside!  Yeesh!  Well, I love you all mucho mucho.  I'm happy to be here, and am trying to enjoy winter because its my FIRST and possibly ONLY Canadian winter, so I want it to be a good one.  I told Sister Limburg I could use another four feet of snow on the ground.  I'd love for it to be over my head.  She didn't appreciate the wish much, as she'll be here for two winters!  Stay warm.  I love you!

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