Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sister Fitch: March 5, 2012

This week flew by, we were SO busy!  Trying to mix together our two areas, getting to all of the appointments was insane.  I know most missionaries would kill for the number of appointments we had this week, but it was...whew.  A lot!  By Sunday I was so exhausted I could barely dress myself for bed.  We had some really interesting experiences tracting this week.  I contacted a member riding his bike on the street, because he was smiling at us and I didn't know he was a member.  Oops.  In my defense, he is less active and I didn't meet him at church the ONE time I'd been to the ward.  Sigh.  Embarrassing.  We had lots and lots of doors slammed, lots of people really ignorant of who we are thinking we're something we're not, and a few really awesome miracles.  We knocked one door and a really nice woman answered.  As we started talking she said, "wait a minute, you aren't from the Mormon church, are you?" uh oh.  "...yes!  Exactly, that's what lots of people call us because we believe in the Book of--"  "I have a friend who has been looking for you!  She is a member of your church, but when she moved here from Chile she couldn't find it, so she's been going to another church.  Can you call her?"  "uh...cha!"  Pretty cool.  Knocking doors is a little like Russian Roulette.  Yep.  It's been really fun teaching families, but I do miss the YSA so, so much.  We got to go to sacrament meeting there on Sunday because our investigator was going to be there, it was so good to see all their faces.  She didn't end up showing up, so we left after Sacrament, but it was still fun to be there again.  Ha, one door we knocked, the woman opened and said "I'm sorry, I can't talk to you now, I've lost my teeth."  Darn those dentures when they wander off!!  Soeur Pierache is very French, and very cool.  We get along well.  No one is a perfect fit, so we have to work through some things, but we do as soon as they come up and then we're all the better after.  Mark, are most French people pretty forward and blunt?  It's been a lot of fun to work with her.  I'm having lots of fun being just in French; normally conversations with Soeur Pierache are her in English, me in French.  The people we are teaching are patient with me, and very attentive and helpful so its fun.  We're always asking each other about vocabulary.  And she is a great cook.  We eat lots of "Frenchy things" as she calls them.  It's an adventure every day, and some days I really love it and some days its really hard, but always I am happy to be here and happy to do this work.  I love you mucho mucho.  love,
p.s. I tried attaching photos, hope you can see them!
#1 frozen river, winter's back. bleh.
#2 did I mention our chapel flooded? 
#3 ...and our sink, too. 
#4 and then you fall backwards and make a snow angel!
#5 I'm learning to drive in Montreal.  This is how it is normally.

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