Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sister Fitch: October 24, 2011

Hello All,
Being here on the Island of Montreal is so very, very different from the quiet, secluded life of Ottawa.  It was kind of like our own little world there, and I loved it.  Here I am feeling quite scattered and overwhelmed, but I am really enjoying it at the same time.  As President Cannon put it, the Island is cracking me like a nut, which is a very good thing.  Helps me overcome any and all fears and really see my priorities--am I more concerned about being safe in my comfort zone, or helping someone discover the eternal truths of the gospel that will change their lives forever?  I mean, that has been the question all along, but here, where I am on display and on duty ALL the time, I am faced with that decision dozens of times a day.  In Ottawa, there was a lot of time spent walking to and from places where there were no people to talk to.  Not so here.  People are everywhere.  It's awesome.  It's still a challenge every day, I haven't got into the swing of things in such a way that contacting an entire metro car feels natural and normal and comfortable.  I dont know if it ever will, but I am getting better and stronger as a missionary, so all is well.  My companion is really wonderful, and so is my district.  My zone leaders are learning how to work with sisters, and have been much more attentive and sensitive, recognizing that we just are not the same as elders.  Not that we can't do what elders can, but that our emotional state and whatnot are a bit different.  Our sister team, who we work with in the same ward (should I say elder team?) are really awesome too.  We try to look out for each other, and so its nice to know we aren't totally alone in this opening an area thing.  We found some really amazing people this week that we are working with.  One is from China and the other is from Columbia.  I haven't taught very many Canadians...I think these two will progress really well and I look forward to working with them.  We got smurfed ten times this week--I'm sure you feel my pain, Mark, and wish it only happened ten times a week.  Laundry has been a PAIN to deal with, but we managed to take it to the sisters' apartment in the zone next to ours--about a twenty minute metro ride--and did it at their place.  We don't have sisters in our zone, so it was nice to see some...feminine faces.  This week the sisters in Quebec will be coming down to split us.  There are only 11 sisters in the mission right now--crazy.  I'm sorry I couldn't write you all back this week, but I so very, very much appreciated your emails.  It's tough in the internet cafe now because I HAVE to be done after an hour, whereas in the Family History Center if we needed a bit longer, we could take a bit longer.  Life on the island is much more fast-paced.  It can be hard to keep up, but I am learning, growing, laughing, and missionary-ing, so life is good.  I miss you all, I love you all, I hope you are all doing well!
Much love,

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