Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elder Fitch: October 24, 2011

Well I quite enjoyed this week.
Tuesday we were able to go to Bordeaux to conference with Elder Gerald Causee and his wife. That was a blast. First off, Bordeaux is really beautiful, I loved it. Second, I got to see A TON of missionaries. My trainer was there, a whole bunch of missionaries I knew while I was in Nimes, and some I knew from the MTC and highschool. Third, the conference was super awesome. I learned alot of really valuable things that already have helped me in what I'm doing.
I absolutely love the members here. They are a family to me in a way the members in Nimes never were. We had a branch activity on friday for Halloween, and it was just awesome. I realized this week and especially at this activity how confortable I am around them. Plus my french is getting better and better and making it a whole lot easier to be myself and really get to know people in general.
We STILL haven't been able to move into our new apartment or even make any real progress with it. It's a little frustrating because there really isn't anymore that we can do here. It's all up to our office in Geneva. THEY have to be the one to call and figure out all the details. The problem is there really busy and our apartment isn't really on the top of their priority list. Meanwhile the apartment people keep calling us to find out what is going on and if we are really even serious. So we keep calling Geneva. Now everyone is fed  and annoyed with everyone. Yet nothing has happened. oh well. I think I'm starting to like KILLING them! I'm so good at it too. I ain't scrrrrrd.
My companion and I are learning better everyday how to work with each other. We've made so much progress and I'm looking forward to what we'll be able to accomplish here.
I love you all and pray for you everyday. Thank you for being there and supporting me. Everytime I feel I want to stop I pull alot of strength in thinking of you all. You help me to keep going. Thanks again and I love you. Being a missionary is super stellar!

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