Monday, November 14, 2011

Elder Fitch: November 14, 2011

Hey All,
So funny story, you know our really grumpy neighbor who lives under us and likes to yell at us and bang on the ceiling and leave us mean notes? Well this morning we were in the middle of our studies and all of the sudden our bell goes off. The bell you ring down on the ground level. So it starts going off like crazy for about 15 or 20 seconds. We look at each other and then Elder Ormond went to go look out the door, I had a sneaky suspicion that it was our neighbor because a similar thing happened another time. So I looked out the window and low and behold our neighbor came walking out the door. I was looking at her and she looked straight up at our window with death and hate in her eyes, but she saw me so she turned back around. She was just being spiteful, and we just thought it was hilarious. We laughed about it and then about 20 minutes later as we were leaving I thought I'd be funny and jump on the floor and try and sound like a horse trotting cause that's what she called us. I HONESTLY thought she was still out. I NEVER would have done that had I known she was back. Unfortunately....she had returned and when we walked out and headed down the stairs to leave she came out and gave us an ear full of portuguese. oops.
Saturday was SO SWEET! Rugby is awesome! We went with our recent convert Auguste and it was sweet! I didn't understand everything, but it was cool anyway. We just cheered when everyone else cheered. They won too and against the team from Nice, apparently they are really good. Kiri the samoan guy we went to see is just cool. He is a big guy and he's got these big ol dread lock things and just looks like he could break you in two, but he is such a chill and nice guy. that was cool.
This week went by really quick, we had lots of service and a few really good RDVs. Unfortunately we were not able to see Elvis again. We are trying to get back in contact with him.
We had a problem with our contract for our new apartment. They tryed to add a bunch of things after it had been finalized and the guys on our side refused to sign it. So in stead of a final walk through with the missionary couple in toulouse that was planned for last wednesday, they came up and we visited some other places. It ended up that it worked out. We found a better apartment for cheaper and our first try. The only down side was that our move got pushed back a week. All around it was better because the day we had planned to be unavailable we ended up finding some awesome people. I really think things will go good with them. I'm really looking forward to that.
This next week is the last one of the transfer. Holy cow. I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone. I will find out friday if I will be staying or going. If I'm leaving then you probably wont be hearning from me on monday. Either way I'm looking forward to it. I love Montauban and I'm sure I will love anywhere else I go.
I love you all! Have a great week! 

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