Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sister Fitch: October 31, 2011

I am dressed as a civilian today.  But still with a nametag :)
This week was great.  Sisters up in Quebec came down to split us.  They spent two nights here, it was lots of fun.  I don't know either of them very well, but we really did have a good time.  I met lots of people from lots of different countries and lots of different religious backgrounds this week--my count on the number of countries I've come in contact with here is nearing fifty.  That's in only six months--I have a whole year to find the rest of the world!  I know they're here somewhere...I had a really challenging lesson with a really nice Muslim man who tried very, very hard to explain to me that I will be going to hell if I don't accept the qu'aran (sp?) and if I keep calling God my father.  Sigh.  I am learning to love Montreal, and am keeping an optomistic view on things--time is short!!  When I think about everything I have learned in the last six months, and how much I still want and need to learn, another year doesn't seem like quite enough.  Yeesh, time is SO strange.  I narrowly escaped donating blood this week, too.  That is a fear I know I need to conquer, but not right now.  That can wait.  There were lots of chance meetings with awesome people this week--good reminders of whose work this really is.  I met a less active member on the metro, contacting on a day that I really, really did not want to contact.  That was an important lesson--work, and Heavenly Father WILL provide.  We can't afford not to work.  The people here can't afford for us not to work.  Anyway, getting along well here in Montreal.  I love you all, and miss you muchly.  When I don't want to work, or don't think I have it in me, I think of you and get to work.  I love you.  Thanks for being you.  Sorry my letters are short these days--its very different writing in an internet cafe than in the church family history center.  sigh.  Anyway, keep safe!  Happy Halloween!

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