Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elder Fitch: November 7, 2011

Just so you know Elvis is NOT dead. Yesterday we met a young man who is a legit Assyrian. He said that their country is technically what is Iraq. He grew up in Russia though. Long story short he is catholic orthodox and his name is Elvis, and he was interested to talk again so we will be seeing him again next sunday. coool huh.
This week we also went back to South America. The ladys birthday party we went to last time who is peruvian has a son and it was his birthday and we were invited and it was like the last time with only spanish speaking people, it was crazy, but fun.
This week I was a little lick as well. It started wednesday night, and I didn't feel good thursday. That was fun cause then we went to our islander less actives house that night and I thouhgt I was going to die of eating and sick. I'm alot better now, just a few lingering side affects. BUT I'm super stoked because we got permission from our president to go to one of his rugby games! so i'll be going to that this weekend.
OH don't forget that this friday is 11/11/11. That is pretty cool.
We had a really fun service activity cutting and hauling wood and I got to teach them how to use a chain saw. That was pretty cool.
We don't have a lot of people to teach right now, but I still see miracles everyday. It's really amazing!
I love YOU GUYS!!

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