Monday, October 17, 2011

Sister Fitch: October 17, 2011

Oh boy.  So, transferring is stressful.  It was really hard to say goodbye to Ottawa.  I know I was complaining when I was sent there because it was an English area, but I loved it.  It was home.  It was especially hard saying goodbye to William, our recent convert.  He was devastated.  Not only were we leaving, but our sister companionship (brother?), Elder Taylor and Elder Aubin, were both leaving also.  All four of us were deeply involved in William's progression.  He went out teaching with the Elders, they helped him with his English--it was really hard on him to lose us all.  He cried for what he said was the first time in ten years.  But, he also told us not to worry about him, that change will make him strong. 
Packing, catching the bus, travelling, all that jazz, was a pain, but we made it to Montreal just fine.  My new companion, Sister Rodriguez, is awesome.  We get along really well.  It'll be fun working with her.  My district leader is awesome, which is good because the rest of the zone couldn't care less about us least we have someone that'll help us out!  Flushing in is TOUGH.  Our week was really...scattered.  Up until Sunday night, we hadn't had ANY lessons.  All of the five or six that we had set up fell through.  So, we decided that wouldn't do.  We needed lessons, we needed people to teach.  So...we set some goals, said lots of prayers, and in under an hour of knocking doors on sunday night, we had three lessons and three new investigators...which were EXACTLY the goals we had set...need I say more???  This is NOT our work.  It's God's.  When we turn it over to Him and work as if it all depended on us, miracles happen.  It was really amazing, and was a much needed boost after an exhausting (physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it) week. 
It hasn't been a particulary restful p-day.  something is wrong with my blue card (my access to my monthly allowance) and it is causing a lot of issues.  Such as, I can't take the metro, which is our only form of transportation.  We have three huge fans in our apartment taking up all kinds of room, and they are mostly broken, so we have to take them to the mission office...don't know how to do that without a car OR the metro.  We hoped our zone leaders would help us out, but they have to go hang out at the mall...LAME!!  Oh well. 
Basically, what this week boils down to is LOTS of stress, but also LOTS of fun and learning.  We contact on the metros, and that has been VERY interesting, and so very ridiculously far out of my comfort zone.  But, it works, so we have to do it.  No, no, we GET to do it.  The pace here is so very different from Ottawa.  I'm sure I will come to love it, I'm sure.  I'm excited to get going on the new week, our first full week here, maybe somewhat normal instead of the craziness of this past week.  Montreal is full of people who are ready, and full of people who are crazy, so it's an adventure sifting through them to find those who want to hear what we have to share with them. Missionary work is tough.  It's frustrating sometimes.  But it is oh so very rewarding, even when you just have to laugh because of the craziness.  I have to go now, we do our email at an internet cafe now and have limited time.  MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

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