Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elder Fitch: October 31, 2011

One half of the transfer done already!
I've just love being here. I see so many great things so many miracles everyday.
So this last week I made the trip to toulouse three times. I went thursday for a district meeting and then I stayed there for an exchange. The exchange went really well and in follow something Elder Causee wanted us to do that I didn't want to do I really learned how inspired our leaders are and that if we follow their directions with faith we will become the instrument for the Lord that he knows we can be. There was just things that worked out and people we met  that we never would have otherwise. Toulouse is awesome. I highly recomend a visit there.
Saturday we went back for a zone formation and interviews with the mission president. That was super awesome. President Murdock is an awesome man and very helpful and loving. Then sunday was just an awesome day. It was stake conference for the stake of Toulouse. Nimes is apart of the district so I got to see some of the members from there. The one person I really miss there is named Gautier. He is definitely a friend that I will keep for the rest of my life. I was so happy to see him again. Made my day. I also got to see Jeanpierre who has been in Paris for over a month and I wasn't expecting him to be back so that was an awesome surprise. and then also if you all remember sister Echols who was in my MTC district she is now servng in the stake as well. So I got to see her as well which was really good, I haven't seen her since the day I left Utah. plus she went to the Geneva Mission. It was good, Plus all the many other missionaries. It was super awesome.
Funny ish  story. K so I got one of my suits cleaned and yesterday was the first time I wore it since having it cleaned. We got back from Toulouse and I took off my jacket and hung it by my desk. I was hungry and I wanted a wrap, so I made myself a wrap. The last thing I put on it was dressing. I went the fridge to get it out and grabbed it. Now i've developed this habbit of shaking any bottle I grab, ya know to mix it up. I grab it and go for this big ol shake. and in just two simple motions there was an explosion of dressing! It was EVERYWHERE! I didn't realize at first because it was all in my eyes and stinging like crazy. I busted out laughing because it was hilarious, but as soon as I could see I realized that it was all over one half of my spanking and BRAN CLEAN suit jacket! terror and rage filled my heart and a wailing and gnashing of teeth came to pass. I seriously couldn't believe it. This story would end sad like that but it was fine. I cleaned it off and now you can't even tell. I then sat down and ate my delicious wrap. and this words are true for I have spoken them. amen.
Its goin good here. I pray for you all everyday. Have fun! I love you!

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