Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sister Fitch: April 2, 2012

Well, this is my 3rd area in 6 weeks, and so far so good!  My time in the family ward in Montreal was short lived, but that's okay because I just really didn't feel at home there--had a hard time settling in.  Here in St. Jean, things are better in that regard.  I've already met lots of members (normal sunday introductions didn't really happen because most people here are spread out and therefore didn't come to the church for the conference broadcast)  by...rendering visits??  No, PAYING visits.  French sort of messes with my vocabulary sometimes.  Speaking of which, French is a little tough here...accents are SUPER thick.  We did a lesson with a less active for about forty minutes, and I maybe understood 15% of what she said...lots of following the spirit and lucky guessing in my responses to her questions.  There are lots of people from Belgium here, and that's not quite so hard to get.  We're still pretty chilly here, the lovely 20 degree weather of a couple weeks ago was short lived.  But its coming. Soon enough.  I feel like this area could be my area--the one that I really love.  We don't have a lot of people to teach, but the ones we are teaching are really seeking something, and they know they are finding it here, with the restored gospel.  It's really neat to be teaching people who are hungry for our message.  Lots of times in the big city, people are too distracted by life to realize they are starving spiritually.  Two of our investigators are 12 year old boys who are best friends, and who are so awesome.  James and Marco.  They are incredibly in tune with the spirit and they really get the gospel.  It's awesome to be with them.  Another, Robert, is an older man who has had a lot, lot, lot of trials recently and is looking for answers.  He said "I think you are here to help me...." BINGO!!  He seemed pretty...awestruck after conference.  He only watched one session, but it was sunday morning session, which was one of my favorites.  So, life is good here.  I learned this week how much I love teaching and working with members, and how much I really don't like knocking doors.  But, it is all part of the work, and nothing we do is ever fruitless.  We never know the effect we have on people, whether they slam the door in our face or not.  Oh, Mark, did I tell you???  President Carter is in my ward.  In fact, he's in the bishopric.  We might be spending the night at his house soon to try and do some more work out where he lives, because its crazy far away and we don't have klicks enough to go out and back all the time.  Weird, eh??  Should be fun :)  Oh, yes--and was I imagining things when I saw Joan Johnson in the missionary choir?  Is she serving a mission??  where at??  And I also didn't know that Monty Brough died til they announced it in conference.  Well, love you lots, all of you.  


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