Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elder Fitch: March 5, 2012

Another week COME and GONE!! 

This we week we had more beautiful spring weather. It was just nice, just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, but baby bear temp. That was really good, because we had plenty of time to be out side walking around talking to people. 
We had a few really cool experiences happen in finding people in the moments we least expected. One of them is a guy named Steve. He's a younger punk looking guy that happened to be at the buss station the same time were to buy our monthly bus pass. He looked liked someone who was going to say some kind of dumb ignorant statement, specially when he gave me a funny look and was looking at my tag. I was all prepared to shut him down with righteousness when he said "who are you? Jehovah's witness??"  Nope and told him who we are. He then just started asking us some legit questions about Christ. So we started explaining. It was awesome because he was with some other people that were just shooting us daggers and stuff but he didn't care he was legitly interested. We got his number and fixed a RDV with him and left. He didn't end up making it to the RDV but we ended up running in to him again, in SUPER crazy circumstances, in another city, and we rode a bus back to chambery with him and got to talk more with him. Turns out he is a thinker and really likes to learn about everything he can. He says he doesn't believe in God but by the time we got back it wasn't really that he didn't believe, but rather he had just never found Him. We will hopefully be seeing him again this week, if he will put in a little effort I'm certain he will find what he is looking for. 
We had a great RDV with Odile as well and it was all about Joseph Smith who she really had never been taught very much about at all. It was really great and she found a lot of answers she needed. She was able to understand a lot better what his role really was and why he is important. She is moving along, slow and steady. 
Saturday was a nice day cause we got to go to a tiny little town out or rather up in the country right in the mmountains. We went out to do some service for a member and it was just a beautiful day to be out raking leaves and hauling wood and debris. I like physical work like that, it was a nice change and felt really good to get some fresh air. 

Well Fam, I love you! Miss you! Hope you all have a good week! 


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