Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sister Fitch: March 26, 2012

This week was pretty crazy!  We worked super duper hard to get our members involved in our teaching, so we taught lots with them and it was great.  The weather was so nice at the beginning of the week that we had our district study on the roof of the church/mission office!  ...not sure if that's against the rules or not, but it was oh so nice to be in the sun.  It's back to 0 degrees now though, so its definitely spring and not summer.  I had an impromptu interview with President, because my companion had requested one with him.  He asked me where I thought the best place for me would be, that he really wanted to get me off the Island and into something smaller--somewhere I can really get into my missionary groove and have fewer stress triggers.  So, we were pretty sure that meant that Soeur Pierache would stay here in Hochelaga, and I would be going back to Ottawa.  BUT NO!  They ended up closing our area, and I am going to St. Jean, which is a smaller town south of Montreal, and Soeur Pierache is going to Gatineau, which is just across the bridge from Ottawa.  We were super surprised.  That means I closed two areas in one transfer....oops.  I spent a day in St. Jean not too long ago, and it was really nice.  It'll take some adjusting, I'm sure, but I think it'll be good for me.  I only spent about 4 or 5 weeks in this area, but it was a lot of fun.  Good people.  LOTS of Haitians.  So many of the people here are just SO CLOSE to understanding the importance of the gospel, they just need a little more time.  I'm a little sad to be leaving before I get to see the transformation, but good things to come, for sure.  Looking forward to new adventures in St. Jean.  Love you all lots!!


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