Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sister Fitch: March 12, 2012

This week went reeeeally fast.  But there was a lot packed into it.  I got to leave the island of Montreal for the first time in six months, it was soooo nice.  We went to a town called St. Jean to blitz the sisters' area down there.  It was a lot of fun.  I saw a FIELD!!  And trees, that weren't all planted in a neat little row!  And a horse.  And a river.  It was beautiful.  I am not, not, not, not, not a city girl.  I'm getting the hang of teaching families, and we're doing well in our area.  The family we found last week, whose friend was a less-active member because she couldn't find the church, is so great.  The member is being taught by the English missionaries, and we're going to have to pass this family off to them as well before long, but for now...we're still seeing them.  The other day the little boy told us that "when I was yittle, I got eaten by a monster, and he made me cookoo!"  and then proceeded to be...cookoo.  He's 5.  The girl is 8, and she just soaks up everything.  She has really great questions.  We taught her about faith on Saturday, because she asked about it last time.  We brought her children's books of Mormon, one Spanish one french, so that she could read them.  She loved them.  She wants a children's bible too.  The mom wants us to come because she wants her kids to know about God, but she is a pretty attentive listener as well.  We watched the Restoration movie with them, and when Joseph is kneeling in the grove to pray, and the music is at its climax and the light starts to show up, the little boy stood up, eyes all big, and said "Is that God?!?!"  Yes, you noisy yet surprisingly perceptive little boy...They are wonderful.  When we came on Saturday, the little boy said "Are you gonna stay for dinner??"  Uh...fortunately his mom invited us too, so, we did.  I think Spring is coming for real this time, most of the snow is gone and yesterday it was 12 degrees!!!  Still rain and snow to come, I'm sure, but not to stay.  I am so, so ready for spring.  Winter really is not my favorite.  I am so happy for the sunshine, so happy to be here, so happy to be learning, and growing, and being shaped and refined.  So happy for the opportunity to share the message that really can change lives and bring real joy.  It's always a good day, waking up a missionary :)  Love you all lots

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