Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elder Fitch: March 19, 2012

Well the week is over and I'm now starting the last week of this transfer....c'est fou quoi.
There were a few super cool things that happened this week. First, they got the carpet cleaned at the church and we may or may not have recuperated a piano that is now in our apartment. SUPER cool. I can totally play hymns now....seriously though. Second we had an exchange in with the elders in Annemasse and I was up there for a day. We went out to this teeny tiny little area in the middle of the mountains to work for the evening....let me just say it was NOT ugly. VERY beautiful actually. The temp was just awesome, perfect. Not a bad night for missionary work. It went really well except I found myself getting, not frustrated, but bugged on the sad side. I just wish sometimes that people would give us five minutes and just listen. What we are offering people is the best and most important thing that could ever happen to them, and they close their hearts, their ears, and the door. OTHER than that it was a beautiful night.
Third, we are now the institute teachers....I've never even been to intitute....fortunately we only have one person we are teaching so it's not quite the same. I'm actually pretty stoked, it will be fun.
Forth we had a cool experience with just being in the right place at the right time. One day while we were picking something up from a members house and in a very big hurry this lady who is the neighbor of these members stopped us. To get to the members apartment we have to walk past the window of their neighbors. So this day this lady stopped us because she said she had seen us before and wanted to know who we were but hadn't had the chance before. She said she wanted to know why we were always dressed up and why we were always smiling. We ended up being even more late to the RDV we were headed too but we were able to get her number and she said she would love to talk to us another time. This week we were able to invite her over to this members, the Gaggini's, and we taught the first lesson. It went really well and she was really looking forward to reading the BOM. It is always when we are not looking for people that the Lord drops them in our laps like that. It's kinda cool. Which takes me to what happened last night. So we went out to the area yesterday afternoon to find this address of a potential amis. Unfortunately, I didn't look close enough at the map and the bus schedule so we ended up going A LOT further than we ment to. I figured we must have been brought out there for a reason so we might as well start doing something, so we started knocking doors. Nothing. Well, mince, I guess we'll start heading back and find that address on the way. Side note: It had been raining all day and because of the clouds and night that had arrived we could see none of our mountains or anything to give us a sense of direction. So we keep heading, we check the map at a couple of bus stops and think we are heading in the right direction...nope. We kept goin unknowingly. Finally we get to the right main road and start heading back, still a ways a way from Chambery. We see this lady coming and Elder Jensen jokingly says that we should ask her where Chambery is. Ha. ha....hmmm ok! So I decided to stop her and ask her, turns out we were walking in the complete opposite direction and right back to where we were dropped off by the bus earlier in the afternoon. Mince. well ok so I decided to a least ask her if she had met missionaries before. Yes she said and we had an awesome conversation and she told us we could call her later in the week. Super awesome! Moral of the story: God not only calls us in our weakness, but he uses them for the benefit of His work. We were definitely led last night, there's no doubt about it. We were totally lost but we found someone. Hurrah for Israel!
Also super cool thing that happened last night is that we found some frogs! and we took pictures. and then we ate them. We are in France afterall.
Oh and today we went back to try and find that address again and ended up knocking some more doors and there was this super old grumpy guy that said he wasn't interested and for us to leave before he got angry. So we left. On one of the next house he came out on his porch with a big rifle and started yelling stuff about the end of the world(mocking us ignorantly, because he thought we were Jehovahs Witness). Anyway I thought it was kinda funny.
I love you all!! have a good week!

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