Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elder Fitch: April 2, 2012

Well here we are again. However, this week was normal speed. The first week of a new transfer with no changes always seems like it goes a little slower, but it was a great week either way! No matter how slow it seemed we had conference to look forward to all week, which was an awesome motivator. Conference as a missionary is like jumping in a nice cool pool on a super hot day. It's just refreshing. There was one talk I really liked that talked about the difference between the church and the gospel. Where as the church is important and is ordained of God the Gospel is what we share with people, the Gospel is what brings people to Christ. I, as a missionary, am here as a representative of Christ. I am accountable to the Lord first and foremost before anyone else for the work I do. I try to help people apply the Atonement in their life. The church is good, but it is only an appendage. Christ is what is important and it is because of what He did for me personally, for our family, and for everyone that I am here.
Other news is that there isn't a whole lot of news. Yet, we are picking up momentum and it is starting to show. We didn't have anything really happen with anybody we are already teaching. We did find a few potentials, but a little sketchy so we will see.
It is starting to get quite warm here. All the foutains in the city are running now, including the big elephants. The trees ALMOST have there leaves up. AND good news! starting today we can wear short sleeve shirts, which I am wearing at this very moment. Im super stoked about that, because up to conference we are suposed to wear our jackets which have been a little warm Im not going to lie.
Other than that pas grande chose!
I LOVE YOU!!!!! Have a nice day :)....and week.

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