Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elder Fitch:June 20, 2011

WELL Lets see.
So yes the Feria is finally over and with that we literally doubled our lessons this week. So it was good. Also Elder Winslow and I started something that i really wanted to do my first transfer, which is an Ales Day. cela veut dire that every friday we go to Ales to work. Ales is a little town about 45 minutes north by train from Nimes. We meet people from there all the time, we have less actives up there, just seemed like a good idea. Elder Dorton never wanted to do it, but we're a rollin with it now. it is difficult because we are basically opening the city again. (there was missionaries there a long time ago). so it's a slow ball to get going but i know it will work out good. So go Ales Day!
Ha so i got my hair cut by my new friend Driss. He is muslim. super awesome. actually his friend Muhammad cut it but he doesn't speak french. picture this, two white christian missionaries chillin in a muslim quartier or nieghborhood in a muslim salon, with only muslims around. All muslims have the same hair cut, i do too, cept its a little longer. Elder winslow said i definitley look muslim now, even though i don't have a little hat like half of them wear. I seriously love muslims. well legit muslims anyway, they are always nice and hospitable. there all still alot that don't like americans or christians. but our friend Driss is super cool. we had a rdv with him this morning. what we talk about kinda bounces off each other, cause niether of us believe what the other says but it is a really cool exchange of beliefs. Im seriously an expert on Islam, i could explain it to someone almost as good as a muslim we talk with so many.
Oh ya so also last week on pday, it was after emails. but we were able to go to a bull fight. with was in the super cool coloseum. I can tell you it's pretty narly and quite bloody. they did 6 bulls but we only stayed for 3. it's crazy how much french people love that. kind of disgusting. but i can now say that i went to a Corida (bull fight) on my mission. sick bird.
Thats it for now peace.
Elder Fitch

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