Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sister Fitch: June 21, 2011

Bonjour!  So, there's this really cute new sister who tries so hard to get the French accent but....not quite, love.  She says "Bownjoooeeeewwwwrrraaahhh!!" which = Bonjour.  It's...precious.  Anyway, on with the week!
Three packages in three days...a missionary's DREAM!!! Thank you so so so much!!  You are da best.  (keep 'em comin...heh heh) Life is good here at the MTC, but we all are definately starting to get a little stir crazy.  We break out in the song "Cabin Fever" from Muppet Treasure Island on a regular basis.  The food is still making me crazy.  Mark, I am VERY nearly ready for cold cereal every meal.  As one of the Soeurs, Soeur Carter, so eloquently put it "if things don't improve gastronomically speaking, I'm gonna have to just eat All Bran and bananas for the next four weeks."  Mais, tout est bien. 
So, this week is the New Mission Presidents' seminar here.  I'm told that all of the apostles are going to be here at one point or another, along with many other general authorities.  We have a couple special devotionals, on top of our regular ones, so I have high homes for some wonderful, inspiring counsel this week.  Every single devotional or fireside has been spectacular, so I can only imagine what these ones will be like in such an environment as this.  I'll have to tell you about it next week.  Not sure what else to here is pretty routine-y.  We're all pretty stoked this week because the seminar is changing it up a bit.  Not a lot, but enough for us to get excited.  After today, though, we only have 3 p-days left til we all ship out!  I'm not one of those missionaries who is counting down her mission, but I do admit that sometimes I count down the MTC days.  I know I will have many moments later when I will miss it, so I really am trying to enjoy every moment. 
My teachers are wonderful.  Well, I'm running out of time and keep staring at the screen wondering what else happened this week.  I can't really distinguish the different days OR weeks anymore...its all one, big long day.  
My district is still getting along well; I am recognizing the wisdom in teaching/living/existing as companionships--not only does it keep you safe, but it is a powerful lesson in patience and unconditional love.  Ma college et moi get along very well, but we are definately different people.  Sometimes I think we aren't all that compatible, but then I realize how AWESOME that is.  If we were totally compatible, we would learn very little from each other.  Alors, tout est bien.
The french is coming along wonderfully.  We just started learning the Subjunctive tense yesterday and I think there was a minor explosion in my brain.  But, I recovered when I changed my attitude about it--all my french teachers, and I mean ALL, have psyched me out about this tense, but its really not all that bad, and its going to make me a much more competant and understandable french speaker.  So, subjunctive is a blessing in disguise!  Or something. Anyway, I love speaking french and am sometimes a little resentful of people who won't/don't/can't speak it with me.
Well, I don't know what else to say...c'est tout!  I love, love, love being a missionary.  I am starting to catch the missionary fever, and am getting a little impatient to be in Quebec.  But, I am SO grateful for the MTC.  It is an amazing place and I have met so many amazing people.  Lifelong friends. 
Thanks for your individual emails!  I'm going to print them off so I can write you all back individually.  Much love!!!

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