Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elder Fitch: July 11, 2011

So this this week just seems EXTRA blurred! Last monday, the 4, was pretty fun. Since it was PDay and the 4th we went a little pagan. (to be pagan is a missionary word for anything to do with something that has nothing to do with the mission, ie home, girls, schools, etc.) anyway so we visited the maison carre, which is litterally a roman pagan temple, then we got slushies in honor of america, we visited the only other american we knew, we dressed in pday clothes, we looked around a few stores for some needed supplies, and then we wrote letters, kinda., then for dinner we were going to make burgers but we ended up just making pasta, like always. So that is how i spent the 4th.
The week was yet difficult, we are still having a really hard time finding people. It makes days hard to plan when all you have to do is contacting, which makes for a really long day. but it is still awesome! slimy yet satisfying. but really being a missionary is the most satisfying work i've ever done.
Oh ya so this is probably my last week in Nimes. the transfer ends this week. The rumor is that the two new areas are going to be heavily integrated, with changes to almost every campanionship. So if i leave i will probably go to an area more north. but i have no idea and could even stay i donno. and i wont know until not tomarrow but the next tuesday and then transfers happen on the wednesday. half way through the first week of the next transfer.....ya i don't find that very effective, but whatev. it's not up to me. On verra.
oh ya also. so tomarrow is my 6 month mark. thats crazy! i can't believe it. 1/4 of my mission is over. i now only have as much left as hannah started with ha. thats kinda funny.
oh oh ya ya. So this week is going to rock and there'll be some sick awesome crazy story. so stay tuned
I love you all! Mission is sick! The church is true! ciao bisou bisou.
Elder Fitch

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