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Elder Fitch: July 4, 2011

Et Bien.......HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!
It's a funny feeling having it not be a big deal all over the place. No body cares. Oh well, i care. I'm stinkin proud to be an American, where at least i know im free. and you know I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me, and I'll proudly stand up next to you and defend our rights today cause there ain't no doubt i love that land. God bless the USA.  ya i totally just sang that in my head. but all seriously I really am proud to be American. more than i EVER have in my life. It was always just one of those things i took for granted. I was always told it was different other places, but i guess i had to see to believe. (which is dumb cause i hate that excuse. je croire ce que je vois. blah!  people tell us that all the time.) Anyway go les etats unis!!!
This week was...well lets put it this way. we know that after much tribulation comes the blessings. right? exactly. I am a firm believer, and it all made sense this week. this is what we came up with... OUR tribulation BLESSES south america!! it's so simple! haha. Ok it doesn't work like that, but this week was really rough. actually this whole transfer really. This last week we only had 5 lessons. Emeline's baptism fell through. Angela the italian lady stopped wanting to see us about 3 weeks or so ago. so we no longer have anyone engaged to be baptized. Emeline fell through because of her mom. Betty is her name. we gave her a new name, Betty Brickwall. She has been our biggest obstacle in teaching Emeline. we come for RDVs and she's just not there or she's asleep tah tah tah she seriously has a Mary Poppins EXCUSE bag. Seriously frustrating. and its not because she doesn't want to be baptized either. just dumb. Emeline has an awesome testimony, more so than her recent convert brickwall i mean mother. But she's scared and doesn't have a lot of support from anyone but the missionaries. so a bit frustrating. i've developed a twitch when i hear the name Betty. ope there it goes again. It'll happen though.
Send your prayers.
Ales Day fell through so no news there for this week.
Oh ya im now in the mission of Lyon. what up. I met President Murdock on tuesday and he is very nice. It was strange, the conference was all in english. it felt wierd. i didn't like it. whats more is the APs from Geneva talked on the phone in english. those are both AGAINST the rules!! ok so there not anymore but it was super wierd not to have everything in french. I like it better in french. Also the APs from Geneva stayed at our appartment on thursday night but they didn't get there till about 130 in the morning! we had to wait up for them. Thats the latest ive been up in over 6 months! plus we had to go look for them so we were not only up but out of the awesome...i was so hyper. biggest thrill ever! 
Lets see oh we do have a muslim amis we're teaching which is cool. He's the one who cut my hair. but it's more like a trade of beliefs. he sang to us today from the Coran. sounded cool, but still not converted. 
Things with Elder Winslow are good, he's awesome.
ok so that's really all the big news. oh wait Akon is coming to sing in the coloseum. not thats all. ciao bisou bisou
Elder Fitch  

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