Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elder Fitch: July 18, 2011

what a week! man this one just blew by!! theres is lots more cool stuff to talk about.
First off. pagan highlight of the week. Thursday was the 14 of July. that is their 4th of July. However they party the 13 so they can have a day off on the 14. The French seriously look for any and every excuse to not work. anyway so there was a parade we didn't see. It was really a pretty normal day. UNTIL.........1025pm we're all getting ready for bed right? Then BOOM!! BOOM!! what's this? what this? it's high up in the air whats this? whats this? I really have to stare! ya i sang that. any way fire works started going off from the coloseum which is just down the street. You couldn't really see anything from our window, BUT lucky for us we were also house sitting for our landlord, who is awesome but thats another story, anyway so we are the 2nd floor, she is the 3rd and 4th floor. so we run up there. Also luckily ealier that evening as we were feeding the bird and watering plants i discovered a closet that goes up yet another level to a tiny room she use for storage, but theres has a window that puts you on the roof! ya theres no way i could resist that. So i climbed out on the roof and WOW!!! Best front row seats you could get!!!!! wow man i can't even adequately describe how cool it was to be sitting on top of the french rooftops of Nimes watching a sick awesome firework shop that was like RIGHT THERE! ah! sweet. plus! the full moon was right dead in the middle of it all, sammy, it looked so cool! PLUS i saw some stars!! including the big dipper and north star!! first time in 6 months. man that seriously was so cool. ya we didn't get to bed till 1100 but felt like it was more of a blessing the Lord gave us than a rule we were breaking, plus i adequately justified myself by telling me that hey, Hannah got to stay out late and see fireworks. so theres that story.
One technique our new mission president has asked us to try in finding new amis is street boarding, which is we have a tripod with a big poster board with pictures and stuff on it and we contact people from there. I was'nt really very excited to try this. for one it's a TJ thing. except they don't talk to people they wait for people to talk to them. for two there's not any good places in Nimes to do that. So i wasn't looking forward to that. Well we gave it a go. AND i'll just say we didn't have flocks of people running to see what we were doing. it really wasn't all that great, but it was partly our fault, bad day and bad time of day. BUT i have come to believe it is inspired and we just need to place it better, but even still i did meet this one guy. this guys name is Pierre. he is about 70. he stopped and i had an awesome conversation with him, and he agreed to meet again. which is actually where i was just before i came to do emails, but more about that in a sec. anyway so there was still success.
ALES DAY! Ales day was really awesome this week and I'll tell you why. First we have dropped all of our investigators in Nimes. We have none here. Even Emeline, cause of her dumb mom who is dumb. ya i'm a little bitter. anyway so tht is a bummer cause it's not even emelines fault, she is awesome. Some however might be picked up in a few weeks again but for right now c'est pas le peine. On the other hand we now have 2 amis who live in Ales!! whoo whoo!! so that is cool. we met with them both on friday and they are both awesome on I believe will both progress. it will still be slow, cause we're not there alot, but still. I'm glad we started going up there, the ball is rolling again. So the Nimes Elders only have investigators in Ales. go figure.
OH ya we got spit at the other day haha yeah.
Oh ya another strange thing, so it has rained here in Nimes almost exactly every 6 weeks. It rained right before and as i got here, it rained at the end of transfer 1 and 2 and now it rained again, a really lot. It's fine with me cause it's less hot that way.
The other day a Kitten was following us everywhere....we named him Little Simba....we had to ditch him in trixy ways....taht was the last i saw him.... oh im over it.
Hey so we had kind of a cool RDV the other day. it was almost time to go in and we are walking along and we come across the young girl about 24ish years old. i say hello how are you? , she says not very good and almost walks away but we stopped her told her how our message was one that could help her and bring happiness so she said ok and so we found a bench and we talked about our message a little but we talked more about the support and blessing the Atonement of Christ can be in our lives for every aspect not just spiritually but for EVERYTHING! It was really awesome and she cried and stuff but it went awesome! She didn't really want to know more about the church but we left her a BOM and a good chapter and we left. the very NEXT day i tell you, we SUPER RANDOMILY ran into her again, and that just doesn't happen, the circumstances were seriously the hand of God. I mean it was litterally timed to the second! if we or her had been not even one second different we would not have even noticed each other, we litterally ran into each other in a huge crowd of people. anyway, we didn't really get to talk to her BUT she was happy! and she gave a really great thank you for everything. heck ya, thats what its about, not the numbers, it's about helping people!! and i tell you the Lord is in it.
What else.... what else..... OH YA TRANSFERS!! So........................................................................I am..................................................................LEAVING NIMES!!!!! I am going to serve in the city of......................MONTAUBAN!!! with Elder Kirkpatric. Montauban is just north of toulouse so Im still in the old mission boudaries, which is different because most that got transfered went up to the old geneva mission. I've actually even already met my new companion he is pretty cool. also i met the branch pres from there too cause he came to Nimes one time. SO ya. I"M STOKED!!! i so need a change. Love Nimes. But i gotta get out of here!!!!! hahah it's really not that bad. cool so more on that next week.
oh and ps you all can still send stuff to the old address, it would actually be alot quicker than sending it to the new one so faite comme ca. oui? bien.
alright thats all for now, thanks for tuning in to..... MME, THATS MARKS MISSION EMAIL! ciao bisou bisou.

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