Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elder Fitch: June 27, 2011

Ales Day
Ales Day this week went really well, we were able to meet with a less active and her boyfriend. the boyfriend is super cool. he comes from a cotholic background. After coming to church once he said he wants to be baptized, he hadn't even met with us yet! Hope that goes well. Ales is pretty little but oddly enough we still managed to get turned around a little. Ales, like all of France, has very interesting people. The same attitude, most look at us like we're some wierd creature, and all the sudden are in a hurry and can't talk. Some are ridiculously rude. but there are still the precious few who are less ridiculous and talk to us like normal people. then even less do we get numbers from. but we do have a couple RDVs for this next friday so that will be sweet! I really like Ales cause its up in the hills a little more, and NOT flat. Nimes is flat. I hate flat. i lived in or next to mountains my whole life. I Love em. Heres to les montagnes.
We went to Toulouse wednesday for a special zone conference and to say goodbye to President Carter. It was sad, we sang them Ve ne crain pas and then they left. We got to give sister Carter a big hug and faire les bisous, a little awkward cause elders don't really do that. (haha cept i have had some really random people just bisoue me) but i was really happy to get to see them one last time. So as of july first i will be in the Lyon france mission. and actually tomarrow im going to Toulouse again for another conference and President Murdock will be there, he is the new Chief. I like going to Toulouse cause we get to see tons of other missionaries the truc with Toulouse is it litterally takes out the whole day for us. we are the farthest away elders who go to toulouse for conference, which means we get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to be able to catch our train which is about 3 hours long. makes for a long day. but it will be fun.
ya so about the Feria, Southern France has alot of similar culture to that of Spain and raising bulls and killing them slowly just happens to be one of them.
oh and guess what wednesday was also my 100th day in France. just fyi.
Peace. Love you all
Elder Fitch

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