Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elder Fitch: July 25, 2011

WELLL I walked into another baptism.... i got here and found out that that saturday would be a baptism. it was way awesome, it was a man named Auguste from Martanique. He is super awesome!! so because of that i had to do an exchange in Albi. Cause thats where the District leader is and he is the one who has to do the interview. so that was fun, specially cause it was with an elder I already knew who was in Montpellier the last transfer i was in Nimes and i did an exchange with him there. the district leader is awesome too he is from south africa and has a super sick accent. Super funny too, i already have funny stories with him. Albi is beautiful too. Montauban also actually. It is this super little ville(city). one of the smallest in the whole mission. I really like it. It's old, but old alot different from Nimes. It's all red brick buildings. pretty cool. It makes me feel like im alot more north than i am. plus it's been raining and cold so that could be it too. it feels like the fall. it's been a really abnormally rainy season over here too. not near as hot as normal. which im totally fine with, i personally can't wait till winter, but whatevs.
So yesterday i went to south america for a while too that was pretty cool. ok not really. but we went to an amis birthday party and she is latino and almost everyone at the party was from south america. there was even a legit lamanite there too, i kid you not. it was awesome. it was outside and a ways out of town so it totally felt like we had litterally left france. we couldn't understand a word being said, it was all in spanish. it felt like i was starting my mission over in south america. super crazy, but really fun. they tried to get us to drink some tekila. which if you didn't know it's like beer. all in all it was a great sunday activity!
So today actually not that long ago we finished working for the day, but we had an interesting experience. We were all walking along in town when Elder Kirkpatrick notices this guy staring at us. he doesn't think anything of it and we continue along. about 15 or 20 minutes later we get to where we were going. we were standing on the sidewalk waiting for the person to answer the door when we look back the way we came and theres this guy about 30 yards back just chillin looking at us. this is when Elder KP tells me that he saw this guy in town starring at us. We get suspicious and so we're like ok well lets keep going to our next place and just see if he keeps following us. we start going. he starts going. we keep going 15 or 20 minutes later he's still behind us. so we go Jason Borne on him. the next street we came to we turned and stopped not to far away. along comes mr creepy. he sees us hesitates, and pulls out his phone and keeps going down the street we turned on on the other side. so then we start going back and go the way we origanally were going but we watched him. just before we got out of site stopped and turned around, saw us still looking at him so he pretended he was doing something else. hmmm. a little further down we see that he is indeed still following us. so we stop again when we're out of site again. he comes, sees us and stops dead in his tracks. ah ha!! got him. so totally obviously following us. it actually kinda took the fun out of it cause it was so easy, so not like jason Borne. oh well so we keep going so we can trap him again. we get to another corner and same thing happens again, but this time we were ready to pounce!! we did what missionaries do best..., we beat the snot out of him and smashed his walky talky!!!,,,wait thats Jason still, ok so we offered him the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! voila! bet he didn't see that coming!! right so we contacted him. he was a very weird person who was way too interested. he ACTUALLY said im interested, that is the first time i have EVER heard a french person say that. we explained the Book of Mormon and let him hold it and he just clung right to it haha so we jsut left him with it. He also was a little too anxious to meet again too. so bizarre! the first name he gave us was Jimmy. then it was Dimitri. I don't know but we named him creepy Jimmy. after that we left and did what we were planning to do and then we came back the same way and he was just sitting there still and when he saw us he like pulled out his phone real quick and barely acknowledged us. oh creepy Jimmy, so creepy. then we were pretty paranoid after that and made sure he wasn't still following us when we went home. so there you go that was today.
the ward here is not a ward, it is a tiny branch, but there pretty cool so far. I got here wednesday and found out i was giving a talk in sacrament the coming sunday. haha so that was interesting i was ready but it turned out that the stake pres was there and so he got my time. oh well. but i have to do it still next week.
My Comp is really cool. so i'm likin it so far.
yup thats it. ciao bisou bisou.
Elder Fitch

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