Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sister Fitch: August 8, 2011


This week was wild--such a time warp.  I feel like it was SUCH a long week, but like Mark said, I also feel like I was JUST here writing to you.  We are teaching lots of people, but not everyone is progressing very well.  We had a couple of really awesome lessons--one girl met one of our members, Jordan, because he accidentally texted her, thinking he was texting his friend.  They started talking, and somehow the subject of God came up.  This girl, Ashley, told him how she was searching for truth, how she couldn't seem to find a religion that had everything, how she just wanted to have a better relationship with God....so, he set up an appointment with us and with her.  It was the first time they had met in person, so it took a lot of faith for her to come!  He could have been some crazy creeper.  She loved the lesson, and at the end when we asked her to be baptized, she said, "...well why wouldn't I be baptized??"  so yeah, she is awesome.  She has a crazy schedule though, so I don't know when we can meet with her next.  We also randomly ran into two inactive return missionaries.  Don't know how much will come from it, but at the very least we were a good reminder to them.  Other crazy things happened, but since I don't have my list, I can't remember!!  

I had a dream the other night that I was on campus (I think the U but who knows) and George W. Bush was there and everyone was bugging him and swarming him.  I gave him a little head nod and a "hello" and for some reason he was so appreciative that I didn't go crazy over him that he followed me around the rest of the day and WOULD NOT go away!  interpretations, anyone?  I also had a dream that I was some kind of Avatar creature and a bunch of humans were trying to capture me.  

One thing that this week has showed me is that as missionaries, we really are on the FRONT LINES.  Satan is real, folks, and he is HARD at work.  It's really tough to see the opposition in the lives of the people we are teaching--they are trying to do good things, they are seeing truth and wanting to follow it, and there are a lot of challenges coming up in their lives.  Some bigger than others--some are downright scary.  But, it's nice to know that through it all, Heavenly Father has given us every single tool, every single weapon, we could ever need to beat Satan.  No contest.  We are trying to teach people how to use those things--scriptures, prayer, church attendance, tithing, the words of the prophet, etc--and some of them are doing it, and some of them don't believe us that they work.  Arg.  We had a dinner appointment every night this week--last week the relief society president made everyone feel bad, so lots of people scheduled with us.  Not quite so many this week, but that's okay.  We have been doing a lot of less-active work lately.  It's pretty amazing, actually, to see people remember how they felt when they were doing all of these things we are teaching them.  I wish I could remember more of the things I was going to tell you.  I'll remember my list next week.  Things are going really well with Sister Palmer.  She's super.  We have fun and work hard.  Every day is a roller coaster--miracle, tragedy, miracle, tragedy.  Fortunately the miracles outweigh the tragedies.  

Yesterday, we were supposed to have at LEAST four investigators at church.  Not ONE showed.  We were pretty sad.  But then this guy got up in Testimony meeting and started "bearing his testimony" only it was NOT a testimony.  I have NEVER been in a chapel so devoid of the spirit before.  The guy was just reading off of a paper the whole time and it got to the point that I couldn't even understand what he was saying.  Not like it wasn't making sense, it just sounded like a totally different language even though it was English.  It was super bad.  He came off the stand smirking, and the first counselor asked him to come outside to talk for a minute.  They left,and like a minute later, the guy started yelling at the top of his lungs.  In the church.  I couldn't understand him, but it sounded bad.  Then he started tearing around the church, trampling primary children, running into walls, yelling screaming, banging on the chapel door...super crazy.  It was a blessing in disguise that no investigators were there.  We have a cool YSA ward, and they bore some awesome testimonies after that helped make the chapel feel like a chapel again.  Sheesh.  

Anyway, I am out of time.  So sorry.  next week I'll have a better organized letter because I will know which stories I wanted to tell!  I love you all, so so so so much!!  thanks for everything.  Be safe, I love you!!

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