Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Fitch: August 29, 2011

GOOD DAY! thats Bonjour in english. ha. ha. ha.
WOW what a weak! Tuesday was pretty chill, ya know, the usual. tuesday night we started the most intense exchange i've had! It was an exchange with our zone leaders in Toulouse. Elder Kirkpatrick went to Toulouse with our super chill zone leader that came from the Geneva mission. ME, well I stayed in Montauban with.....ELDER BROWN. Elder Brown is kinda like Chuck Noris. So he gets to Montauban at about 730 tuesday night. Normally we are supposed to go in at 8 eat until 9 and then do planning. the latest we can be out is 930 But only if we are in a RDV. So i was kinda thinkin ya we might do a little contacting until 8 or so. Nope i was wrong. we contacted for an hour and a half. NEXT he wanted to go running, which i haven't steadily done since the MTC and only a few times with my trainer but other than that my companions haven't wanted to run for our exercises. so the point is i am way out of shape for running. en plus he runs at a very good pace. so that was super hard and i about died! then we only had one RDV that worked out and it was only a half hour long. so we contacted ALL DAY LONG! and i'll say this again, he is a VERY intense missionary! We were seriously all over the place! plus it was a little frustrating sometimes because he would do the contacts himself and not stop talking so i never would get the chance to support what he said like i'm supposed to, thats called double testifying. In short it was a very long day. and im am STILL sore all over. that night was kinda fun though cause i got to ride shotgun in the car on the way back to toulouse, which is the first time i've been able to since coming on my mission. that evening in toulouse we got to eat with all the institute young adults and then we stayed in toulouse because thursday morning we had District meeting. which was like normal. that night we got a special treat when we ate over at a members. real legit DR PEPPER. they don't make that in france it's imported from England, but almost no one carries it, so that was a nice taste of home, even though i was never really a dr pepper drinker before.
The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, except i was still physically sore from my exchange. But there were fruits of those labors of the exchange, we found several potential amis. we were able to meet with a few, but we will see in the weeks to come.
Speaking of weeks to come today is the first day of the transfer and Elder Kirkpatrick and i will be staying together another transfer.....yay. that means i will most likely be here in Montauban at least another 3 months. Which really is fine, but for as small as Montauban is i'm pretty sure i will go crazy! I already know Montauban like I know Nimes....ok not quite as well, but Nimes is alot bigger. No for realzies though it will be really good and i'm looking forward to it. Plus the transfer after that, hopefully ill be in my next city, will be thanksgiving and christmas, and right after christmas is my year mark. WOW ya thats a little crazy.
Coooooooolll. well i love you all and hope and pray for your success and happiness in all your endevors this week!

peace. ciao. bisou.

Love Mark

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