Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elder Fitch: August 8, 2011

MINCE!! it's P-day again!! (mince is what they say for dang! or bummer! but it really means skinny. funny huh? Elder Aubin in Hannahs district taught me that)
Seriously though it's hard to believe how fast time goes, it's seems like just yesterday i was sitting in this little teeny tiny muslim cybercafe with only arab being spoken around me. But it is Ramadan so they are supposed to be EXTRA nice. ha.
Ok this week was good. we had a zone conference which was good, we got to visit with our new president a little, he is a very nice man, but he is SUPER chill. which is good, but not good. Im really grateful for president Carter and what he was doing and how he ran the mission. I'm going to bet ten dollars that he is called to be a 70 this next conference, so look out for Michael J Carter. with pres Carter everything was in french. now the geneva missionaries get confused when we talk to them in french on the phone haha. even one of my zone leaders from that mission doesn't speak very well. I don't know it's just kinda interesting. But it will be good and i know President Murdock is the man for the job right now.
Yesterday we ordained Auguste to the Aaronic priesthood. that was a really cool experience for me. to realize agian what exactly the priesthood is. We talk about it all the time but when you really think about it kinda blows my mind, The power of God Himself given to man to accomplish His will here on earth. thats incredible! what a blessing that is. i can not deny the undescribable feeling of the spirit of God in that little room as Auguste recieved the Holy priesthood. How amazed and grateful i am for that in my life. Nothing will ever be able to convince me otherwise of how i know of its authenticity. It could not be something made up. the priesthood is real and so is the restoration. what up thats all i have to say about that.
So guess what i did today, you'll never guess.
ok i'll just say it. i went to this super awesome museum. this is a museum dedicated to the famous artist born here named Ingres. i mean i learned about this guy in my art history class. he is sweet. but there was lots of other cool stuff in there too. INCREDIBLE! we were there for over two hours! i can now say that i looked at every piece of art in the whole place! at least thats being displayed right now.
So we were still teaching Creepy Jimmy, but he kind of disapeared and we don't know what happened.....on vera.
Other stuff i don't know i can't think of anything, i'm still liken the branch here, they are pretty great....most of them ha. and Elder Kirkpatrick and me are still gettin along....most of the time. it's funny what happens when you live with someone constantly all the time with absolutely no breaks inbetween except when you go to the bathroom so you purposefully take a long time peeing cause it's the only time you have to be alone BUT it's all good! just interesting.

well love you all! and have a nice day!


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