Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sister Fitch: August 1, 2011

Oh boy, what a week.  I was looking over my journal entries, and I think most of them start out with that.  "Ohhhh boy."  So, this week was super...super.  and interesting!  We helped harvest garlic at this farm on monday.  the church helps with the whole process--planting, weeding, harvesting, the whole bit.  The farm sells them to fund a home for folks that live in a home, I think that have mental disabilities.  Anyway, it was way fun.  

Our investigator Chloe has had tons of things happen in her life lately that are either going to make or break her faith.  I hope she takes solace in the Book of Mormon--she's been reading it like a crazy person.  She was already to Alma by our third lesson.  Sheesh!  She always has tons of questions, so sometimes its hard to get to our actual lesson.  One of our other investigators smurfed us, then we saw her on the street and she just about ran into oncoming traffic trying to dodge us.  Woops.  So we had a pretty awkward conversation before heading to our next appointment.  She came to church though, so all's well.  I think she's on track and gaining a testimony.  We've done lots of street contacting and door knocking this week...oh boy.  That's...fun!!  It really is, in a kind of twisted way.  So many different ways to be rejected.  The only time I get annoyed is when people are flat out rude, or when they don't even give us a chance to talk before saying they aren't interested.  how do you know you aren't interested?? You don't even know what I'm going to say!  one woman told us we were ridiculous for believing in something imaginery that some guy wrote up one day.  Lots of people are just super cold and rude.  Lots of people are super sweet and kind and listen to us and take our card and sometimes even a book of mormon.  We spent forty five minutes the other day sitting on a bench downtown next to a busy intersection talking to Monica/Mark, a gender variant (that is, neither male nor female) he/she had lots of interesting questions for us, but mostly just needed someone to listen to him/her.  Our lesson had smurfed us, so we had the time.  

Oh gee, suddenly everyone wants to leave RIGHT NOW so I should wrap this up.  We HAD a dinner appointment last night, for sunday, but they smurfed us.  Weren't home.  Sigh.  We saved up our "klick" (kilometre limit) all week to be able to go, and...they weren't home.  Sigh.  I spoke in church too, Mark!  Sweet!  The first thing the bishop said to me when i got here was "Hi, you're speaking next week."  So, there you go.  We had three investigators at church, did I say that?  yeah, it was awesome.  I was feeling REALLY overwhelmed the other day, like there was just too much work to do and not enough people listening to us, and how on earth are we supposed to do this??  Then all of the sudden I remembered the verse in 2 kings (6:16 I think) about "fear not, for they that are with us are more than they that are with them," or something like that.  Point is, there are plenty more working here than just us.  Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean there aren't LEGIONS of angels out and about in ottowa.  Then I read Luke ch. 12; don't worry, God takes care of birds and flowers, he's not going to forget any of us.  So, there was lots more I wanted to write.  Too much happens every week.  I better go though.  I love you all, and I love this work.  nothing's ever been harder, nothing's ever been better.  

much love to you all,

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