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Sister Fitch: August 15, 2011

bonjour! Hola! Nihao (sp??)! Hello!‏

Yes, this week I had lessons in all four languages.  Whew!  And, I remembered my list, so I remember everything I wanted to tell you about! 
Okay, so an Elder in another zone SWALLOWED a NEEDLE.  Yes.  Get Smart style.  He was cleaning his harmonica with it, and was working on a spring mechanism thing, and it slipped and launched into his mouth, and he swallowed it.  Yeah.  He passed it (gross) the next day, with absolutely no damage done.  Go figure. 
I went on splits with the Elders and contacted inside a catholic church.
We met this guy named Paul the other day, and he is half chinese, half cameroonian.  He is awesome--he has tons of really good questions and says he's REALLY interested.  He had a crazy week this week, so hopefully we will get a chance to talk to him again.  He really had amazing questions, things that lead right into the Plan of Salvation and such.  he also was VERY surprised when we told him we were only here for 18 months, then we go back to school, dating, etc.  He asked us "really?" like four times. 
We were waiting for a lesson, and she smurfed us, but while we were sitting there, right by the Ottowa University campus, TWO inactive return missionaries came up to us and talked to us for a while.  The second one, from Tanzania, asked us to teach his friend about the book of Mormon, then coached us the whole time we were doing it.  it was awesome.  The first one, Pasquali, said he was pretty much homeless, just got to Ottowa, was waiting to start a random job he had found, and wasn't interested in coming to church.  he was really nice though, and we talked for a few minutes before he had to leave.  We gave him our number, he said he'd call us when he got a cell phone.  Never heard from him.  Then, this week, we decided we would go to a Virgin Mary Festival that was up the street from our house.  Guess who we ran into?? Pasquali!!  It was awesome.  He still didn't have a cell phone, and was so happy to see us.  We talked to him for a while, he said he would still call us when he has a phone.  Who knows what will come of it! 
So, maybe I should explain my splits with Elders and contacting in a catholic church, eh?  Heheh.  So, one of Elder Taylor and Elder Aubin's investigators is the director of a cathedral downtown and invited them to come by for a tour.  They invited us along.  So, as we are about to start this tour, two chinese students tag onto our little group.  Elder Aubin, being his helpful, friendly self, hangs back with them to make sure they understand what the guy is telling us all, and, of course, to be a missionary...INSIDE a Catholic, after the tour, we were all talking and these two students hung around, so I talked to them about China, told them about Les teaching there and me visiting.  Elder Aubin asked them if they wanted to meet with us, so we set up an appointment!  They were kind of sad a few days later when it was just me and Soeur Palmer--they liked Elder aubin. 
On Sunday, I spoke in church.  Then we taught sunday school.  Then we taught relief society.  And we gave a presentation in primary in the family ward.  It was a long day. 
Did I tell you I am learning Spanish?  I only have a few phrases under my belt so far, but its fun.  our family from El Salvador calls me "Cotorrita," which means little parrot because they teach me spanish and I repeat it.  they are great. 
Our landlords had a baby this week; sometimes we hear her at night.  She is so so so sweet and perfect. LOTS of babies in our family ward recently. 
So, sometimes I really hate free agency.  It gets in the way of a lot of things.  I have to remember that without agency, the whole plan would sort of fall apart, but still...rrrr.  Our xbox boy, golden investigator, got anti-ed by his friends.  They showed him a verse in the bible that talks about anyone teaching a different gospel will be cursed.  He texted us the scripture, so we called him and said we didn't get what he meant.  He said the book of mormon has more in it than the bible, so its a different gospel.  RRR.  NO!  it's the COMPLETE gospel, thank you.  And he said he read some things online about Joseph Smith that made him nervous.  sigh.  He said he wasn't really doubting, he just had some questions, and that he'd be in church and we could talk then. Well, he didn't show up, and when we called him to tell him we missed seeing him, he hung up on us.  Twice.  I don't know if I've ever been quite so broken hearted.  We might be able to pull it back together if he'll still meet with us on Wednesday, but I don't know if he will.  So, that was really, REALLY hard this week.  The last time we saw him, he was talking about going on a mission. 
Then last night we had a lesson with a lady who thinks the world is going to end in six years and we are all going to be implanted with microchips with the number 666 on them. yeah...i think we are dropping her. 
We are headed off to the Museum of Civilization now, so I will write you all later! I love you all so much, and I LOVE being a missionary. LOVE. 

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