Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Fitch: August 15, 2011

HOLY COW! man can the french just talk and talk and talk. We went over to a members today to eat lunch. we got there at one....didn't leave till 630 or so! and it's always like that. totally just ate up our Pday, plus when we got here our lovely little internet cafe was closed and we ended up walking around looking for another place that was luck. so we came back and waited some more, finally got two places. i'm currently shoved into a little corner surrounded by sweaty people. who am i kidding we're all sweaty in here cause it's about 700 degrees with absolutely no airflow! whatev it's cool. super?
So. i'm started to rack up the encounters with the police over here. way too familiar. So We're all chillin at the little church here waiting for someone to show up for a Rendez vous that we had fixed. I'm sitting in the little front entry area just chillaxin and elder Kirkpatrick is just in the next room playing the piano right? you seenin it? cool. i'm sittin on this chair with my head back against the wall and my eyes are closed and i'm kinda driffting in and out of snoozin. the door is wide open to the outside. all the sudden there is a man standing over me, with water dripping all over him and it was a sunny day. what the heck? i jump up and into missionary mode, Hello hows it goin? can i help you? are you looking for something or someone?  what can i do for you?  he says "you can give me money, i want money" he was obviously a little bit not all there if you catch what im puttin down. Well bro im sorry but i can't give you any money, i don't have any money to give you. (ok i didn't say bro). mais si! which was his favorite phrase cause he said it over and over and it means "but yes" as in but you do. "but you do". No sorry we're actually volunteers, we're not paid. we don't have any money. MAIS SI! No we really don't im sorry. by this time my comp had come out and we were both there. "I just want one "bill" it's not alot, you're rich you have plenty, i just want one 100 dollar bill" sorry we don't have any at all actually. If you need to you can go to the red cross which isn't far. "no i just want money! you're american, ask your boss, can you call your boss in the united states, he'll give me money ill talk to him." "Actually dude he's not paid either" MAIS SI!! MAIS SI!! "well we're sorry but we can't give you any money" we obviously we'ren't getting anywhere so we said we needed to go and my comp went to go get the keys, so we could leave. at this point crazy man follows him into the church and starts searching rooms for "our boss", not good. "we are leaving so you're going to have to leave too ok?" MAIS NON! yes you need to leave, MAIS NON. finally we got him back out to the entry where he sat down on the floor and started yelling like a kid. JE VEUX CENT DOLLARS! over and over again like a chant. I WANT A HUNDRED DOLLARS! we couldn't do anything after that. ever answer was either mais si or mais non. or he would start chanting again. so we told him we were gong to call the police, and he got scarred but still wouldn't leave. we didn't even know the number but luckily there was some ticket police just outside so we got them, they couldn't get him out so they called the real police who came after ten or so minutes and tried getting him out. same old same old. even when they told him that he was asking for the wrong currency that we're on the euro here, didn't change anything, still wanted a hundred dollars. Finally they had to physically pick him up and drag him out of the church. once out we closed and locked the door as quick as possible. then they let him go and he came over to me still wnating a hundred dollars and he like got on his hands and knees and grabbed my leg! JE VEUX CENT DOLLARS! then cops grabbed him and put his arms behind his back and told us to leave and they'd take care of him. so that was that. then the next day we got yelled at by some cops for setting up a board and talking to people. i was very polite. dumb cops. that also happened once in Nimes. But the thing is is we are not doing anything illegal, they just don't like happiness and puppies and birthday parties. welp.
We had yet another district meeting on thursday in toulouse, which is always fun. it totally just ate up our day cause we ended up having to wait for a train to take us back for about 3 hours. dumb.
so the members here feed us fairly often. we have ATLEAST two a week. which is fun. last week we actually only ate dinner one time at our appartment. so one family we eat with everyweek, who we actually ate with today, is super cool. they've lived in the united states for about 15 years, the wife actually speaks and acts american, she's funny. the point i was going to share was that her son who is living in utah right now is dating elizabeth smart, and i guess they're kinda serious, crazy huh? and she has a daughter going to school over there too who apperently is friends with David Archileta so she spent the weekend with them or something. cool story hansel. THANKS Ohlof.
what else? i can't think of anything i'm so skatter brained right now, cause i've been anxious about getting to do emails so i'm all over the place, see i even just wrote that, what the heck? oh well.

Well I love and miss you all! i wish you all a wonderful week with lots of happyness and laughter and puppies and flowers and such.

Ciao ciao bisou!
Love \markkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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