Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Fitch: August 22, 2011

WELL What up?
So today is the start of week six, that seems totally crazy! This transfer seemed to go by really quick. It doesn't always feel like it, but then all the sudden i'm emailing again...what the heck? crazy sauce.
Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty chill. It's been VERY hot. But it's not really the heat, the air is just dead and stuffy. At home it gets hotter but it's dry usually. Here after sweating a little youre just dirty and gross, it's like the air just isn't clean in the city. Thursday was fun we spent a couple hours doing service at the local Red Cross center giving out food to people. That is pretty fun the other volunteers are very nice and always say hi when we see them in town.

Friday was a good day. We have weekly planning on fridays, and that did not take very long because there is not alot to plan for right now. So we used our time we had left over and our lunch to go get pizza and pastries and then we went to the church and watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration in french to celebrate my birthday. YAY! Then we worked. it was good. Saturday was more of a party anyway. There was a branch activity at this park out in the country that we were at pretty much the whole day. It was really nice to spend sometime with the members. There were little lakes, more like ponds, that you could go swimming. obviously not us missionaries, but it sure looked fun! I played alot of the French national sport, Petanque. or Boules they call it too. Man i OWNED! even the french were surprised how well i played being an american and all. that's right, i represent. On the way back we got to seem some of the country so that was really nice. Sunday was good, normal. HOT. no body around. comme d'habitude.

Heck today was SO sick. Guess what i did today? Ok i'll just say. So a member here, named Jeanpierre, who is super awesome, he's just started coming back to church after being inactive for 11 years, completely. But he's just awesome, amoung the five languages he knows english is one of them. His dad is south african so he grew up with it, plus he lived in the US. so his english is perfect, you seriously would never know that he is french. anyway he took us out to a bunch of really old mideval towns out in the country, so cool. We also went to a couple old castles. really beautiful. The French country side is SO incredible! It is so beautiful and peaceful! that is the real reason anyone should come to France. The cities are cool and all and theres plenty of history, but it seriously doesn't compare. If i were to live in France that is where i would be.
So we've still been teaching Dimiti aka creepy Jimmy. he actually even came to the activity saturday and to church on sunday. He is very interesting. Very much like a goldfish. it's taken 3 rendez vous to get through the plan of salvation, and even still i don't know how much stuck. we have to teach using the chalk board and going back and repeating everything every minute or so. REAL DIOLOGUE> "alright Dimitri so its because of the atonement of Christ that we can overcome Physical death AND Spiritual death. How can we over come Physical death and spiritual death?"  " um...i don't really know....prayer?"
That is legit and it's like that for the whole rendez vous with very little progress. so we're just going super slow with him. But he is very nice and child of God.
Other than Dimitri we don't have alot of Amis. there's a couple of less actives we visit, and couple people wwe meet and have one rendez vous, but other than that, it's really slow. We spend ALOT of time walking around looking for people. The problem is too that it's still vacation and alot of people are out of town and the ones in town are often tourists. so voila.

But it's great i love being here and i love being a missionary! I love you all with all my heart and miss you with all my liver. Also i want you to know that the members pray for you guys. In just about every prayer i hear from members they pray for you. I as well pray for you every single day.
I'll Leave you for this week, but i want you all to know that i have a testimony of this work. It is the Lord's. I see miricles everyday. Miricles i can't even explain to you. But i know the Lord is at the head of this work as well as in the thick everyday, he is guiding it. I KNOW it.
Thank you all so much for the happy birthdays! makes me feel so special. Again i love you all and i wish you an awesome week with SCHOOL, haha sammy, and work, and family. Peace out hommies.


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