Monday, August 29, 2011

Sister Fitch: August 29, 2011

Hello all!
So, this was the last week of the transfer.  It was...crazy.  Crazy good!  We committed our friend Anna to be baptized, and she set her OWN date.  "It'd be cool if I was baptized on my birthday!" She's awesome.  She's the one who has read ALL of Preach my Gospel. 

So, we were giving a lesson to our Chinese investigators in the park near campus downtown...and this man comes up to us and stands there staring at us for about fifteen, twenty seconds before speaking.  "So...." another loooooong pause. "There's been talk about communist activity on campus.  Are, communists?"  no, sir, we're just talking about God.  "About God? Well, uh.......the Chinese don't believe in God."  Our chinese member scowls at him and says, um, yes actually we do.  it's a different time, you know.  "well......well......what's that book???" Its scriptures.  "Scriptures, huh?  Its in Chinese!"  yeah, look, here are our English scriptures.  We speak english, they speak chinese, so ours are english and theirs are chinese.  "I see......well........I'll have my eye on you." and he leaves, giving us the dirtiest look I think I've ever had in my whole life.  Then, in the middle of our member's testimony about her own baptism, he comes back over and says "so, still talking about God?"  Yep, sure are.  "Huh........well, let me let you in on a little secret.  God was made up by cavemen who had nothing better to do with their lives.  Yep.  In caves."  Thank you. "You can find out for yourself in the caves under Ottowa U.  That's true."  Okay, thank you sir.  "believing in God is more ridiculous than believing in the Easter Bunny."  THANK YOU SATAN.  and then he left and started yelling at a couple trying to have a tender moment, and then to a nice guy playing with his little dog.  Crazy, I tell you.  And completely devoid of the spirit.  Sad. 

Oh my gosh, and Blair texted us and said he was finding "epic verses in Alma" oh my gosh.  So great.  He came home from his vacation early because they got evacuated because of the hurricane.  So, he called and said "when can I meet with you??" We get to see him tomorrow!  Hooray!!!  So happy. 

William, our Chinese investigator, is really moving along.  He brings friends to church, he calls us to ask for more reading assignments because he finishes what we give him so soon, and he even wanted to move his baptism up.  Bless him.  He's great. 

We're teaching several people in French now, its so great.  I have a LONG way to go  before I understand everything and can communicate as clearly as I would like, but the practice is great and I love the challenge. 

Sometimes I look very, very silly.  But, no worries.  I really am starting to embrace the fact that the mission is just one big long, awkward embarrassing moment.  Like how I almost got stuck on the bus the other day because I was talking to this girl and didn't realize til it was too late that my companion had gotten off the bus, so had to yell to the front of the bus to please let me off.  woops.

Thursday we volunteer at the Ottowa Mission and this week they had Picnic in the Park in the morning, so we got to go and help out there.  It was fun.  We were in charge of games.  Elder Taylor and Elder Aubin were there too--we see them the most out of everyone, since we volunteer together.  They're awesome, we get along well.  Elder Aubin is the one Mark knows.  It was a good week--we had SEVEN investigators at church, plus several less actives. It was so great.  And SO CRAZY!!! We were running around like crazy people. 

So, with transfers, we are both staying, but they are putting another set of sisters into our family ward, so we are JUST working with ysa now.  We'll miss lots of people in the family ward, but I'm glad they get their own missionaries and we can focus on the YSA.  They are awesome--they are SO good at helping us with with the work.  They come to lessons, give investigators rides to work, they are stellar.  Love them.  And I'm glad to stay with sister Palmer!  She's awesome.  We're really good at working through any issues that come up between us, so life is good.

Well, I have to run, but I love you all!! Thanks for everything you do, I pray for you always, you are so so wonderful.  I miss you, but I'm too busy and am loving the work too much to be homesick, so all is well :) can you keep my investigators in your prayers?  Especially Blair.  I love love love love love you all!!!!


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