Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elder Fitch: October 3, 2011

This week....
Weell this week was not a super steller teaching week. However, we did spend alot of time doing service. Almost everyday we spent at least a couple hours doing service. Our friend from Peru owns a pizzeria. This is our friend who invited us over to her birthday party and it was all latin americans speaking almost only spanish. Well she's planning to move back to Peru and so needs to sell her pizzeria. So we've been doing alot of painting and cleaning and moving huge pizza ovens and stuff like that. oh and of course our red cross service on thursdays. So that was really fun. I always like doing service.
Our amis stephanie is doing well. She still has a brick wall when it comes to applying the discusion to herself or realizing it's something more than just a superstition. Slowly but surely it is breaking down. She now looks at baptism as something that is in the future for her, but yet has a ways to go. She came to General Conference on sunday and watched the Relief Society session and the Saturday aftrnoon session. It was really good and is a great step for her. She was able to see the church as a real world wide organization, as opposed to just our tiny little half building branch in Montauban. She's prayed a couple times, and I have to say that they are legit prayers. She is super sincere and really talks to God as a person and asks heartfelt questions about her life and about what we teach her. Her answers are coming too.
So conference! how incredible! How they do it here is they transmit the saturday morning session live so we watch it here at 6 oclock to 8 oclock here. Then we watch the priesthood session at 11 oclock sunday morning till 1 and then an hour break and then saturday afternoon session from 2 to 4 and then they brodcast the sunday morning session live from 6 to 8 and then sunday afternoon live from 10 to midnight. The relief society sometimes has a day where all the stake women go to watch somewhere. this year they did it in Carcasonne for the stake im in. but then they also rebrodcast it during the prieshood session at 11 o clock sunday morning. Montauban being as small as it is goes to Toulouse to watch it. In the past it was a rule that we had to have an amis with us if we went to the session brodcast on saturday. So we were not expecting to go, but then we got a call that said we could so w last minute went to Toulouse and watched that steller session. Then we were there the whole day except we can't watch the last session, so that was the only one I missed. which is sweet!! cause last conference I ws so ticked! I didn't get to see any that I understood. Conference is so cool. It's exactly what the Bible and Book of Mormon are, scripture. It is God revealing His word to His prophets and apostles for us for our lives right here and right now. HOW INSANE! how incredible significant is that. That is what the difference is between The Church of Jesus Christ and every other church and religion that is on the face of this planet. There is a prophet of God who is alive today who has His authority to lead His church. Thats nuts. Thats the truth.
Being a missionary I know how this all works. I am in the thick of this work. I see it everyday. This work would utterly fail and crumble and fall to the dust of the earth if it were not the true and living work of th Lord. This simply HAS to be the Lords work. There is no other way it would function. He leads and guides EVERY step of this system. I am a witness of that truth.
This is the last week of the transfer, it's going to be sweet. Heads up.
I love you all!!

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