Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sister Fitch: October 3, 2011

RE: Eternigator Turned Recent Convert
Hello! (president Monson style)
Kind of a crazy week!  Started out with a text from this girl we have been teaching since I got here, and who has been coming to church since she was 14, and who has had many a missionary before me.  She said "invite only baptism, this saturday."  Uh...OKAY!  So yes, we had another baptism, surprise!  Some members helped her figure out what the hang up was, and she realized it was pretty lame--she was afraid of being in front of people.  Three baptisms in three weeks...President said its the first time it's happened since they've been here.  Sweet!  It's been crazy working everything out for all of these baptisms, so it will be kind of weird this week having a normal week...it'll be good.  Baptisms can be STRESSFUL. 
I absolutely LOVED general conference.  It was so great.  Our catholic missionary came to one session and found it highly interesting.  He said for the most part the speakers were "speaking my language" so, we'll see!  We have seen him four times and STILL have not finished the first lesson....so we'll see! 
Anyway, it's been an emotionally draining few weeks but lots of good people around, plus conference, lots of resources for feeling happy :)  Weather here has been cool.  Maybe...10-15.  And drizzly.  More like misty.  It's been lovely, actually.  Love it.  Today we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving.  So weird.  It'll be fun, though, the whole zone is in town for zone study tomorrow, so we might be able to go for a hike too.  Hike.  Ha.  In the HILLS.  Not mountains.  Sigh. 
Last week of the transfer!  I'm pretty sure I'm losing my companion, but we'll see.  Sad, sad, day.  Okay, sorry for two weeks of brevity in the email department...people are waiting for the computers.  I love, love, love you all, you are my ROCK.  Thanks :) Much love,

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