Monday, October 17, 2011

Sister Fitch: October 10, 2011

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Ou en Francais, Actions de Graces! 
Sometimes I think Canada is weird.  Like having Thanksgiving in October. 
We went for a "hike" last week in Gatineau Hills, in the rain.  I very much enjoyed it.  I was soaking wet the rest of the day, but it was worth being out of the city and in the lovely fall colors.  It's been really nice the last few days--just like October should be.  This week has been kind of tough--no one would answer their phone, lots of lessons fell through, amis tried to drop us, all kinds of crazy things.  It was...painful.  But!  Could have been worse.  At the end of the week we got a text from one of our amis who freaked out a week or so ago and didn't want to see us again, and in this text she said she wanted to get baptized.  So, could be worse! 
So.  Transfers. 
Let's just say I don't think I spoke more than a word or two for about half an hour after we got our call.  Couldn't believe it.  Was not expecting it.  They are closing our area :(  Not entirely, but we are BOTH leaving Ottawa, and they are giving our area over to the other sisters to take care of.  I'm kind of anxious about our amis and our less actives, and all kinds of things like that, but I am trying to have faith in the other sisters.  I thought when I came to Ottawa, I would definately be serving in French areas, as Ottawa is the ONLY English sisters area in the mission.  Alas.  I am going to Montreal to open up another English sisters area.  Sigh.  It's called Concordia, and it's YSA again!  I went through many stages...shock, anger, sorrow, acceptance, and now I'm excited.  I never had ANY desire to serve in Montreal itself, because it is big and noisy and dirty and...cityish.  Ottawa is big, but it really isn't.  It's small compared to Montreal.  I'll miss my quiet little river walk to our bus station (a good 40 minutes) and our quiet little street (despite the sirens ever night).  I hear my new apartment has had a lot of work done on it and is nice, but is on a pretty big street.  I am NOT a city girl, so I am worried about being overwhelmed, especially since we will be opening the area and therefore having to start completely from'll be fun, though.  An adventure.  I lost my sense of adventure for a while there, but it is coming back.  I'm glad for that.  My companion will be Sister Rodriguez. I hear good things about her.  This means I am in no way a greenie any more--not in my greenie area, not with my trainer, and more than two transfers old.  Thank GOODNESS.  Being green gets old, old, old.  They made TONS of changes in Ottawa, every single team is being effected, and FOUR of them are being flushed (which means there will be two new missionaries coming, instead of just one--a whole new team).  Crazy.  We leave Wednesday morning, so we have not too much time to say goodbye and pack.  Funny how uncertain and unplannable the future is on the mission.  Well, next week my life will be TOTALLY different so I'll have lots to tell you about!  Much love to you all!

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