Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder Fitch: October 17, 2011

I'd say that the first week of a new transfer is always the longest. Either something is different and you have to get used to the change, or nothing changes and you have to get used to doing the same thing. This week I got a new companion, Elder Ormond. He is probably a foot taller than me and comes from a little southern Idaho town called Wendal. One of my really good friends from high school is his cousin and he actually knows Kaysville very well. His mom is even a Davis Dart. He last served in Fribourg Switzerland, he took 5 different trains to get here. It's been a rough week, but also one of the best. We did not get along so well at first. We get a long just fine now, but it was hard at the beginning. I've learned a lot. I've learned things I didn't know I didn't know about myself. I was pushed to grow in a way I haven't been pushed yet. At the beginning of this week I felt like this transfer was going to last FOREVER, I now look forward to the rest of this transfer and the new things I will learn.
That's really what this week was, was getting used to this change. We didn't find anyone new to teach. We did make progress with Stephanie and have set a date for her to get baptized so we're looking forward to that. There is still alot to get through with her, but she progresses anyway.
We still have not changed apartments, but it is in the works. The mission office was pretty busy with transfers so nothing really got done, but now they are trying to get things worked out with the realtor. Hopefully between this week and next we will be moving to our new apartment.
Tomorrow is going to be sweet. Elder Causee is coming to speak at our zone conferences. So tomarrow we are going to Bordeaux for our zone conference. I'm stoked. I've heard it is awesome there.
The weather is getting absolutely beautiful here, perfect temperature and blue skies. The colors are starting to come out too, it's fantastic.
I love you all and i wish you a wonderful week full of good things!
Elder Fitch

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Tyler Barlow said...

I served in the France Toulouse Mission and love reading this blog. However, just to avoid any confusion among the french postal service, I would recommend correcting the mailing address for Mark.
La Mission Francaise de Toulouse
4, Rue Alaric II
Compans Cafferelli
31000 Toulouse

This is the generic form of addresses in France, and while they have surely seen it all on that post route, it never hurts to be correct. Thanks for posting all of Mark and Hannah's emails!