Monday, January 9, 2012

Sister Fitch: January 9, 2012

...does it make me a bad companion for having hid my Rose Cottage Chocolates and not told my companion about them?  I can't share, I can't!!!  

Speaking of companions, I have a new one!  Her name is Sister Limburg, and she's from Salt Lake City.  We are pretty different people, but so far not in a way that clashes, so hopes are high for the next few months here!  We had a really great week, teaching lots, finding lots, learning lots, growing lots.  Life is good. My zone and my district changed a lot with transfers. I miss Sister Rodriguez, but I am grateful to have this "greenie fire" around me all the time.  She is down for anything, even hanging around bus stops to talk to the unfortunate souls that stop to wait.  Muahaha.  The only real challenge is Metro contacting.  It's mildly terrifying, and she just needs to get some under her belt before she'll be comfortable.  By the time our companionship ends, she'll be pro.  So will I.  

It's interesting, actually--having a brand new missionary around, to whom I am showing the ropes, somehow has banished almost all my fear.  Metro contacting for me, since she got here, has been a breeze.  Street contacting, too.  Knocking doors is actually quite enjoyable!  I think being the person that sets the tone for the beginning of another's mission helps turn thoughts outward rather than inward.  I have found that my prayers are all about her and her progression, and not so whiny and selfish.  When I pray for myself, its that I will be the trainer she needs me to be.  I'm grateful for that--it is so, so easy to be selfish sometimes, and having Sister Limburg under my wing is giving me a real boost.  I'm sure challenges lie ahead, but this week has been full of hard work, and we have been able to see the fruits of it already.  We have several new people we are teaching, one in particular who I have high hopes for.  He is from Benin and is more excited about this gospel than I have seen anyone since William back in Ottawa.  Pray that that desire to learn sticks with him!  

I'm feeling really tired lately.  Tired, but happy to work.  Sometimes change is exhausting.  I feel exhausted.  But I also feel loved, and that is all the fuel I need.  I feel loved by all of you, and lately I have felt especially loved by Heavenly Father.  I've been really, really trying to learn how to lean on Him, to trust Him, to turn to Him first.  I'm getting there, and the result is I am becoming better tuned into the answers to my prayers that He sends.  If there is ONE thing I have learned on my mission so far, it is that God is the epitome of LOVE.  Something I've always been taught, and even now just look like words on the page, but I get it now.  Or at least I'm starting to.  I love, love, love you all so much.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and celebrations, you are the best :)


ps oh yeah my birthday!  It was my companion's first day in the field, so we worked, worked, worked.  However, a member did make me spaghetti, so it did feel like my birthday.  We had zone study and my zone sang to me, so it was fun.  Made a birthday cake the other night, the two of us sang, it was fun.  "Bonne fete a moi, bonne fete a moi!"  (pas joyeuse anniversaire ici, mark.  on parle et chant quebecois.)  Anyway, it was great. 

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