Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Fitch: January 2, 2012

Dear family,
Holy cow I just love you guys! It is wonderful to know how much you guys got my back! To hear from all of you was just wonderful. Yes it is a super bummer, but oh well!
Just to let you all know as well I was transfered. It was really hard leaving Montauban which has become my home over here, I really felt like I lived there as opposed to just staying there. I guess that happens after 6 months. Anyway there was tears for sure, I had to leave some very dear friends and who knows when I will be seeing them again?? I don't know. I loved Montauban and all the people there. BUT life, as usual goes on! Keep Moving Forward right? I am now on the complete other side of France in the Alps. It's a town called Chambéry. My knew companions name is Elder Park and he is super awesome I like him already. He is tall, like my last companion, and is from Tremonton. I'm really super stoked to be here! For one it snows alot here! YAY! and for two I've heard great things about the people here. It is bigger than Montauban but the branch is alot smaller. Elder Park tells me that it we have some great amis that we're working with rght now so that is sweet! jump start into action!
I can't believe it is already 2012! Wow. I can't believe how time flys... This year is going to be great! which is good because when the world ends this year at least it can end great. HA just kidding that's TJ (JW) stuff! I'm stoked to get going here to have a change and to learn knew things.
Last week in Montauban was pretty cool. We did a lot of finding. We found 3 knew younger amis that have a lot of potential, as well we found a knew family! It is a family half portuguese, half south african, and half french. They have five kids and are just perfect for the gospel! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes with them.
Knew years was pretty good, pretty low bed at 1030 and all haha. I cannot stay up late anymore, we got to stay out a little later on Christmas and let me tell you I was DEAD tired the next day! For New Years I honestly did not want to stay up late. Sleep is too precious right now, specially when there's no nap time during the day.
Well guys I just want to say again how cool you are. You are cool. I really appreciate all your support! You are my team. I love you so much and I am so blessed to have you as MY family. Haha in thinking about this whole deal I just keep thinking about Robin Hood after Robin steels from the king and he yells at Hiss and stuff and breaks the mirror and sucks his thum and stuff, SO funny! "robbed! I've been robbed!" I love that show. "HISS! you're never around when I need you!" haha life is so crazy. Like my duncan bracelet says, and I already said it, but KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 
I love you and have a wonderful week! 

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