Monday, January 9, 2012

Sister Fitch: December 26, 2011

Hello all!  I know I got to talk to you just yesterday, but that darn skype kept cutting out so I still feel the need to write to you today, at least in brief.  It really was so, so, so good to see your faces and hear your voices.  YOU are why I am here and why I keep going when its tough.  Its kind of always tough, but in a really great, awesome, exciting way most of the time.  After talking to you all I felt filled up again.  Filled with...I dont know...just energy!  That will come in handy as we finish out the year and the transfer.  No idea what might happen at transfers.  We find out on Saturday, so Ill let you know next week!  I am sure I am staying, and I am also sure I am getting a new companion, but not so sure who.  Maybe someone brand new, maybe not, anything could happen!  Anyway, know that I love you oh so very very much.  Id tell you more about the people we are seeing, but the truth is we arent seeing too many people right now, because they are all out of town.  Ive been meeting some neat people on the metro, though, and seeing little miracles every day.  Sorry there are no apostrophes in this email...Im on a computer I dont usually use and everytime I try to use one it comes out like this: Itès, Ièm, Ièd, etc.  Ièm sure Mark knows how to use a keyboard like this.  Anyway, Im off.  You are the best and I love you.

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