Monday, June 6, 2011

Souer Fitch: May 31, 2011

It's been a good week!  The first full week, but that doesn't mean Mark said over and over, the days sort of blur together.  Something that happened this morning seems like it happened last week, and vise versa.  I made my companion cry yesterday...didn't mean to!  I know more French, so in the mock teaching that we do, I will just keep going if she doesn't know what to say, because i don't know what else to do!  It wasn't me, honestly.  Its just a challenging place to be, the MTC, and can be really frustrating when the language isn't coming as fast as you want, when you know what you want to say, but all you can say is "" I am understanding more and more every day, and when I open my mouth sometimes I'm surprised at what comes out. ... sometimes thats a good thing and sometimes its a bad thing...The MTC really is a tough place to be.  The days are LONG and FULL and there is NO down time until just before bed.  I don't know if I've ever been so challenged before in my life, but the benefits of this hard work are SO good.  It's like someone is shining a flashlight on all of my faults and all of the things I do, think, say, or feel that should be different or better or tweaked or eliminated, etc.  Ohhhh boy, need to work on that.  Ohhhhh boy, probably should have opened my mouth.  Ohhhhh boy, probably should have shut up.  My future hubby should be SO thankful that I am going on a mission and am ironing these things out now...With my companion, I am learning how to treat another person who you are joined at the hip to.  It's not quite what I thought it really can't think about yourself and your comp at the same time.  FORGET YOURSELF.  That's what I've been telling myself over and over again.  We had another great fireside on Sunday, and Susan W. Tanner and her husband spoke to the relief society!  The woman who was acting as our investigator is now our teacher, and our other two teachers are now our investigators and she is a new investigator, if you followed all that, we have three teachers, all of whom are also our "amis de l'eglise."  I'm crossing my fingers that my laundry goes smoothly this week...I have TONS since I couldn't do it last time.  Can't wait to smell good!  So, one cool thing that happened this week is I was called to be the next coordinating sister, starting next week.  She is kiiiiiiind of like a zone leader, but without all of the authority...haha in other words I just look after the sisters, meet their needs, help where I can, go to meetings, report to the branch president, do orientations and tours of new sisters that come into our zone, etc.  It's a really wonderful opportunity to learn more.  I think its part of the reason I'm on the long program here.  It'll be tough, I'm sure, especially if I have to point out some things to sisters and tell them they need to change...but I KNOW I will learn so much.  I'll need to be more careful with what I do, how I use my time, how I treat people, etc.  I love it here.  It is hard, hard, hard.  But......good, good, good!!  i miss you all, love you all, and hope you all are doing well.  Dear Elder me!!! Nothing brightens the day more than getting mail.  Nothing is more annoying when you switch desks with your companion, come in and think there's a letter for you and realize that's not your desk anymore...arg. 

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