Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder Fitch: May 29, 2011

INTEGRITY-doing whats right...always.
Wow. So today is Pday right? we still work for 3 hours on pdays so we had a RDV with a woman named monica this morning, she is a recent convert but is also inactive. we brought with us a member named Axel Giraud. this guy has a cool story of his own but thats a different one. we didn't have a whole lot of time but the lesson was on the prayer, the lesson went really well and we were able to share all our thoughts and testimonies of how prayer is essential and God hears and answers every single one of our prayers and we can truly grow closer to Him and find the answers that we need, despite monicas difficulty with attention and retention. Anyway one of her big problems is she has a weenie boyfriend, that actually used to be an investigator, but he is a boozer and does probably every drug you could find. so we finish the lesson and were about to say a closing prayer when we heard a loud knock on the door. she knew it was him, Benoit, so she got up to get it and we needed to go so i suggested we just say the prayer real quick right? she sits down and before we can even start another knock, she says she can't wait so she gets up and opens the door. In storms Benoit fuming! he starts yelling at her, "why'd you leave me waiting? what took you so long?" etc etc. She can't even get a word out so Axel says "it was because she was with us and we were about to pray" so Benoit thinks this is a good time to play tough and snaps back at Axel with a "I wasn't talking to you so you can shut up". Famous last words. What an idiot. first off Axel is a big guy, he doesn't really seem like it especially when he's sitting down but he is. So Axel just stands up and walks to him and says "you don't come in here disrespecting everyone, especially a woman. I'm not like the missionaries im a normal man." ect. then Benoit just throughs a fit! starts yelling and shouting and trying to shove Axel, to no avail. He trys to hit him but Axel just holds his arms as if it were nothing! it was SO AWESOME! as missionaries we can't get involved with any physical confrontation but it was cool to watch Axel just totally destroy Benoit with Manlyness and integrity. He physically removed him from the appartment, Benoit was almost in tears. After he left he sat monica down and told her that she doesn't need to put up with a "boy" like that and such it was sick.
Other things this we MIGHT have another baptism this saturday but it's still not forsure. her name is Emeline and she is 12 and is the daughter of the woman that was baptized my first saturday in france.
Also this is the last week of the transfer so next monday i could be somewhere else or with a different companion. CRAZY how time flys! definetly is true how a day feels like a week but the weeks feel like days! I LOVE YOU ALL! CHIO CHIO.

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