Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elder Fitch: June 12, 2011

SOOO today is the last day of the Feria. wow let me just tell you that a 5 day straight drinking party gets pretty insane. I have never seen so many drunk people, and that was before 5 o'clock cause that's when we had to come in. but luckly our little ally is a hot spot bar so we were still in the thick of it. so insane. they do bull fighting at the colloseum everyday. 6 Bulls a day they kill. bulls bred especially for the Feria. they are massive, during the daythey run the bulls down one of the big roads and the gates are made to let people go in. so you just chill and run from the bulls, we had to go through it to get to where we were going, haha so im counting that as we ran from the bulls. sick huh? the Feria doesn't make for a very effective time to teach the gospel, we had a total of 5 lessons the whole week. so here's hoping we can find some people this week.
so Elder Winslow. He is 4 days away from hitting his one year mark. He is from Ventura California and looks like the guy off of the proposal. at first i wasn't so sure but even in just a week he has taught me ALOT! with him i can see the areas that i need to improve. He's super blunt and frank with people, sometimes it's exactly the way it needs to be, and he takes control of RDVS. it has been really good. i'm really looking forward to the rest of this transfer with him.
It's also been kinda cool to see what i have learned cause i am the only one in the whole zone that knows Nimes. so im kinda the king i guess you could say haha. not really but it makes me look at Nimes a whole new way and it's cool to be the one who knows everything and knows where to go here.
And that's all i have to say about that.

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