Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder Fitch: June 5, 2011

HEY Everyone!
so this last week i was at our DMPs (WML ward missionary leader) house for a manger vous(dinner appointment) and he has this super awesome and super massive dog, literally twice as big as me. So after dinner i was feeding him some leftovers of the meat we ate and i had it in my hand and i was giving it to him and slipped and fell and he was goin for the meat and got my ear pretty good. it's really ok and i'm fine with it but the top 40 percent of my left ear is no longer there. it was a little scary at first and i'm not gina lie it did hurt but i'm ok and i don't want you to worry! it's not the dogs fault its mine i knew better. haha i actually got permission from my mission president to have my hair long for the rest of my mission, SICK! that will be interesting. ok fine that didn't really ME. but that story is completely and 100 percent true! that happened to Elder Bowen serving in Carcasonne, which i've stayed there by the way. I Just couldn't help saying that cause i think that is the most hilarious thing to say to your family. Hey so i uh, lost half my ear...yeah oh and the rest of the week was cool hahaha i just can't imagine. funny. poor elder bowen, i saw a picture, pretty incredible, he's literally missing half his ear. He's good. Steller missionary.
well Elder Dorton left Nimes. He will now be serving in Brive la Gaillarde. I now have with me my new companion, his name is Elder Winslow. he was just barely in Gap. So i am going to be here in Nimes for at least another 6 Weeks. Just for future information we recieve a phone call on the last friday of the transfer and it's on that phone call that either the president or one of his assistants tells us where we will go or if we will stay. then we leave that next monday.
Elder Dorton, he is a good missionary. i was pretty sick of him after the first transfer, i'll be honest i wanted a new companion pretty bad. but by the end of the second it was good and i learned to appreciate him and now im actually going to miss him.
Something a little wierd this week it's been raining since wednesday. actually it stopped yesterday, but wednesday to sunday almost constant rain and HUGE HUGE thuderstorm too. I loved it! it's so awesome. we got drenched several times. and people think we're crazy when we try to talk to them in the middle of a down pour, they say stuff like "sorry it's raining" , wait what? it's raining? is that what you call this water everywhere? oh, oh ok i see now its RAINING. ok well in that case see ya, wouldn't want to share a message of the restoration with you while it's RAINING, psh that's ridiculous. i don't usually say that to people don't worry. im polite i'll have you know.
Something a little different in this week to come. Nimes does something called THE FERIA. and what it is is an all night city wide party for almost a week long where all you do is drink and drink and drink some more. so city party of drinking. Effective missionary work? no no i don't think so. so what we do, what we actually HAVE to do because we have to be back inside our appartment by 5:00pm so what we do is we do our mornig studies at night and work the morning which isn't super effective, but more so than trying to talk to a drunk city.
It was a good week. nothing new about that little brawl last monday. Emeline is going to be baptized the 25 of june. we have another lady, italian, super sweet, makes us pastries, who has a baptisimal date for the 2 of july. It's going here, it's going.
WELL more next week. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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